We’ve heard it all before, ‘I’m not happy.’

When clients are upset, it puts your business at risk.

This statement is the first indicator that a client is getting ready to leave and test drive another.

But there is hope.

And it comes down to your maleable production line, and staying nimble with product engineers to set them back on course.

Unhappy clients are not a one person problem.

Unhappy clients are a reflection on the work being distributed on your team.

And if they remain unhappy after longer than a day, it’s a sure fire fact they will leave and they will tell all their friends how awful you were (as bad news travels nine times faster).

How can you make your clients happy all the time?

Well it’s impossible to make them happy ALL the time, however your entire team needs to be accountable for slow, inefficient service and pulling together as a community is key.

How can you ensure great customer service?

Hire the right people that honor the person AND have respect for both internal and external teams, with the cherry on top called integrity.

Integrity is something that is instilled at a younger age typically, and is hard to instill in late life (or at least more difficult to do so).

Character before career is critical as your values are more important than money.

Money can come and go, but your values last longer.

Values include honoring our higher power, our words, our family, and ourselves (body, mind, and soul). But the golden rule yields trust, which is our most valuable asset.

How have you honored yourself and your customer today?

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