6 Vibrant Morning Routine Ideas | Leverage Ambition

I woke up at 4 am this morning without an alarm. My sinuses have been acting up lately, maybe due to the frequent weather changes. Here in Los Angeles the weather has been fluctuating from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a big range. I think it has something to do with … Continue reading 6 Vibrant Morning Routine Ideas | Leverage Ambition

10 Outdoor Summer Activities

1. Paint the sidewalks with water You have paintbrushes and water, right? Whip 'em out and let the creativity flow! 2. Gardening, Weeding, Digging and Planting If you have seeds, get the kids to dig holes and plant the seeds. No seeds, no problem. Plant popcorn kernels or carraway seeds, it's almost the same thing. … Continue reading 10 Outdoor Summer Activities

Freshwater Lobsters? WTF

Okay so basically, we had our minds blown recently. We were minding our own business in a freshwater lake, and all of a sudden we came across a baby freshwater lobster. Then we thought, wait a dang minute. Do freshwater lobsters really exist? We did our due diligence, and asked around town. Freshwater lobsters are … Continue reading Freshwater Lobsters? WTF

Bored Kids? Activities for the Cure

1. Beads + String Oh the good ole, The Who song Beads on a String! If you can find a bag of beads and some string, you have a lengthy activity for your kids to enjoy and get creative. 2. Planting Have a plot of land nearby? Wonderful. Dig up some holes and plant some … Continue reading Bored Kids? Activities for the Cure


Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com This is my 4th round of Whole30, and it’s hard girl!  The things I miss most but are most dangerous for me include whole milk (can you tell I have kids yet?), toast with butter and jelly, and WINE. WINE, WINE, WINE! I know it’s only for 30 days … Continue reading WHOLE30 MEALS IM LOVING NOW

Whole30 Baked Garlic Kale Chips, Blueberry Lemon Water & Cherry Tomatoes

Everyone wants to know what I am eating on the Whole30 diet, as many find it hard to be creative, full, and happy with the limited ingredients this diet has. Great part is when you are withdrawing from dairy and sugar, you look much leaner in your face and eventually see weight loss on your … Continue reading Whole30 Baked Garlic Kale Chips, Blueberry Lemon Water & Cherry Tomatoes