I had such a nice weekend with my family here in Los Angeles!  We went to Travel Town within Griffith Park and it is really awesome as my boys love trains.  It is free unless you ride the train which was $12 for all of us.  Great inexpensive trip with kids if you are interested in getting out of the house!

I had a lot of great meals this weekend, mainly consisting of baked sweet potato fries, steak, beef along with Tessamae’s Ranch Dressing, which is Whole30 approved!  So awesome.  This dressing really added to the overall taste of my meals this weekend, so really happy I picked it up on Friday when I went grocery shopping.  Pic below:


One breakfast I had regular scrambled eggs, 3 of them to be exact and just never took a picture.  However the other two breakfast meals below:

pepperoni fried egg mushrooms

The above shot was my best meal all weekend!  I made two fried eggs and before cooked pepperoni on the frying pan with mushrooms and decorated it with some chopped chives which I just simply cut them with scissors instead of using a knife as it was a much cleaner way to get the job done!

The below shot was another fried egg, but I paired it with Tessemae Ranch Dressing which again is Whole30 compliant!  It was so good!  On the side is a tomato, mushroom and onion mix which really complimented the entire dish.

eggs with mushtomatochive

Next up some lunch and dinner meals that I remembered to put together:


This was a beef stew of sorts, first I chopped and sweat the onions with a little olive oil on the pan.  I put the onions on a plate and added some beef with water, making sure it was fully cooked.  I drained it and added the onions again, along with some organic tomato sauce, that obviously had no sugar in it.  It came out great!  As you can see I made my favorite sweet baked potatoes, so delicious!  I cooked them at 400 degree fahrenheit and a half an hour later it was complete. So nice!

flat steak

The above was two flat steaks I got from the supermarket on Friday, so delicious!  I am definitely buying chives and the dressing again think week as it really made my meals that much better.

Good luck! 🙂