I find that my days are jam packed with need to do’s. I need to wake up and start my day by showering and getting dressed. I then need to wake up the kids and feed them breakfast. I make myself coffee during this time, and also make myself breakfast too. This is the time where I catch up on my emails and get prepped for my first work meetings on the day.

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As I get ready for my work day, I get the kids ready for their school day too. We are all still home together working and learning. This is a great time for all of us to bond and help each other throughout the day. I help the kids with different language and arts projects, and they help me by making sure they grab the things that they need from the kitchen and clean up after themselves too.

I find it hard to take a break without setting the intention or hour for myself, and I am sure it is also hard for you too.

That’s why we put together 10 peaceful things we can do to take a break while working from home.

  1. Do a big puzzle. I don’t know about you, but we are constantly ordering from Amazon Prime to deliver our groceries and toiletries that we need throughout the month. We have also ordered different things for different hobbies and arts and crafts that we have gotten into this year. It is a quick way to have something delivered to your house, and gives you an excuse to stay home and stay safe to avoid the crowds.
  2. Read a relaxing book. Practicing Mindfulness, Zen as F*ck, and Relaxing with God are great ones that I love. I really love it when I can sneak off into my room with a blanket and a hot cup of tea while reading. The more comfortable I am while reading the more I enjoy it!
  3. Do something creative, like writing or painting. It really helps me when I do some creative writing. I love to create stories with different characters. I love drawing and painting. The more creatively colorful the better!
  4. Declutter your drawers. I have about 10 drawers in my house that have more than 50% junk in them that I will never need or use. There are four people in our house. One likes to hoard receipts and coupons that he never uses, one likes to put all of their crayons and pencils in different drawers so they always have one to use if needed. Another puts random books in different drawers instead of putting them back on the book shelves. Either way, it all adds up pretty quickly, and cleaning them out really helps me feel organized and ready to take on the day.
  5. Switch up your home decor. This is a HUGE one! I really enjoy switching up furniture and pictures around my house to make it feel new. No need to buy new things, when switching things up is easier and more cost effective. I always find a new layout gives me new creative perspective on things.
  6. Make scrapbooks to save memories. We have so many different scrap books that we have received as gifts from others that have gone unused. We also have a ton of old hotel brochures, keys and pictures from old trips that we planned on saving, but are just sitting lifelessly in junk drawers. Making scrapbooks is a great way to save memories but also a great way to get organized to save the things that are important to us, while tossing the rest.
  7. Baking sweets. My kids absolutely love cookies and cakes. Cupcakes are their favorite. They love chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and really have a great time adding the ingredients in the bowl. They are great helpers and really enjoy it!
  8. Journal Daily Goals for Motivation. I love getting organized by organizing and prepping my days. I have a set of tasks that I like to get done daily, and that includes writing and cleaning. When I clean one thing a day, I find it doesn’t pile up. When I make lists of things I need to do, I tend to not forget it. When I am bored, I reference the list and remember what I have to do.
  9. Meditate + Stretch. Meditation sounds so cliche, but it is a really great way to switch up your day. There are points in my day where I feel overwhelmed, overstressed and confused on what to do next. These indicators always point me to mediation and I am never disappointed. Giving yourself a few minutes to take a break with meditation is such a relaxing way to reset your day and get you refocused on what is important and what decisions need to be made. Lightly stretching also helps me lighten up my body that tends to get stiff when I am sitting in the same position for more than 20 minutes at a time. Getting up and moving your arms, legs, back, feet, and neck are ways to loosen yourself up and relieve tension quickly.
  10. Enjoy looking out the window. Looking outside in nature always reminds me that I am safe and comfortable inside. It reminds me that there is a big world outside that turns itself without me having to do everything. I love watching the trees sway in the wind. I love watching the hummingbirds drink from the flowers in the morning. I love watching the crows flock together on the grass and look for worms to eat. I love watching our maintenance men mow the lawn. They are all great ways to pause and realize that just being is enough.
Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

What are peaceful things that you do to relax and take a break?

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