This is a sample Matron of Honor Speech that I wanted to share as guidance for your next wedding you attend. A few words of advice, speak from the heart, no need to read the script word for word, but have it in your pocket beforehand, don’t drink beforehand, talk to both sides parents after the speech portion and thank them too. Without further ado here is the matron of honor speech!

What a lovely evening for a lovely couple! Amanda & Josh! You did it! You made it! All the planning and courting AND here we are! Round of applause for the lovely couple and their beautiful family who worked so hard to pull all the facets together to allow us to unite tonight.

This venue is beautiful and so are all the people here! Wow, you guys look good! Seriously. I feel so grateful to be able to speak tonight about how lovely this couple is and how lucky I have been to be a part of the Franklin family.

Everyone has great ‘how I met Amanda stories’ here tonight! I give credit to all the people that have gotten her and Josh here tonight, and the amazing stories that we have all cultivated over the years. I am so grateful to be here tonight and honored to be the only one who could talk and give a speech tonight. I was even more happy to recently learn that a few months before today, her brothers wanted to get up and give a speech as well. I thought, this is a great time to rat you out for giving us our first fake ID’s to get into Finnegan’s in Huntington.

Mr. Franklin, Randy, can take care of that later. You’re grounded!

Tonight is all about Amanda, how awesome she is, and how lucky Josh is! And no one best to tell how great she is than me. Amanda’s resume is set for the perfect wife, person, so proud to be her best friend.

Here are some fun facts about Amanda: Her favorite number is 5. She is actually at table 5 right now! Her home growing up was 5 Emil Court (shout out to all the Emil court folks out here tonight), she was number 5 in soccer, she has 5 people in her family. It’s just her favorite.

Her favorite color is green. My dress’s color tonight. We were born at the same hospital, HUNTINGON HOSPITAL. In HS she was a candy striper. Sewanee varsity soccer player, all-american. Great sports player. Very fair. Her dads coaching paid off! She was at the American Cancer Society, 7+ years growing the business and helping the world.

Here in Raleigh, works as a HR manager again helping people.

I’d like to talk about how Amanda and I met. Middle school! Can you believe it? 7th grade luck has it, we both got into accelerated math class with a great old time Huntington teacher, mr. Brush. Those who did not know mr. Brush, god bless him, but the ex military surfer dude routine was not good with uslearning much about math, rather ptsd. We looked at each other and planned out the year. We would teach ourselves every chapter he would go over in class, do the homework and lesson. When it was done, took us 10-15 minutes, we would play gin rummy 500. No one would ever think it would get to gin rummy 25,000. I got the higher math score 99, but Amanda won the gin rummy game. Even Steven.

Her parents dinner table was so great debates on everything. Amanda would purposely play devils advocate. I was so lucky to grow up with her, especially with all of her parties in the basement!

It’s no surprise Amanda and Josh got together, born in Chicago then moved to Tampa, Florida in elementary school. Both Huntington and Chicago and Tampa all are very similar. They have years to debate what pizza is better: Chicago or NY. Tampa and Huntington are both water centric towns, beachfun and live bands were always close by. They both do have a lot in common! They love reggae bands, hiking, like legit hiking on mountains. A love for life!This proves the theme for tonight! Sometimes you need to venture out to find what you need.

Let’s rock this magical evening tonight and make it a night these two love birds will never forget!

On that note, Josh please put your hand on top of Amanda’s. This is the last time you’ll get the upper hand! Congrats to Josh and Amanda! Many blessings are to come! Cheers to the new bride and groom! Thank you!

****for me only, go give them a hug and a kiss*****

Hope you liked it, and I hope it helps you too!

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