Al-Anon Family Groups help families live better lives by supporting both individual and familial growth. There are so many resources for families on overall growing pains from familial trauma, and helps people heal. It gives all a step by step program to help bring solutions for families that need help. And don’t we all need a little help? is a great resource for families to learn more about themselves. One of the many reading materials includes the Just For Tonight double sided book mark that says this:

Just for tonight. I will release my loved ones to my Higher Power’s care. I will free myself from trying to do the impossible – changing the actions, attitudes or life of anyone other than myself.

Just for tonight. I will set aside anger, judgement, resentment, envy and hurt feelings. I will ask my Higher Power to bless those whose actions I feel troubled by, and to change my attitude to one of love, acceptance and compassion.

Just for tonight. I will find a safe comfortable place to lie down and close my eyes. I will remind myself I am both deserving and in need of rest. I will look forward to awakening to the new day, feeling rested and ready to follow my Higher Power’s guidance.

Just for tonight. I will be grateful. I will give thanks for the past day – its failures as well as its successes, its sadness as well as its joy and its pain as well as its pleasure. I will take comfort in knowing that every event and circumstance that occurred today can be used for my good and the good of others.

Just for tonight. I will accept that I have done the best I could, remembering that my goal is spiritual progress and not perfection. I will let go of any expectation I had for this day, as well as any disappointment, shame or guilt I felt for not being perfect today.

Just for tonight. I will be humble. I will give my shortcomings to a Power greater than myself, trusting that doing so can bring about changes in me that I could not bring about myself.

Just for tonight. I will not attempt to rectify today’s mistakes or solve tomorrow’s problems. I will remind myself that I am better able to receive guidance when my mind and body are rested and refreshed.

Just for tonight. I will set aside my fears, frustrations, and aspirations and take a few minutes to review the abundance that exists in my life today. I will place my future in the care of a loving God of my own understanding, trusting my needs will be met at a time and in a way that is best for all concerned.

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