We could all use a prayer or two, ey?

Melody Beattie is a phenomenal female author that really understands the language of letting go.

Here are 25 quick reference prayers to help you let go, from Beattie’s book – More Language of Letting Go: 366 New Daily Meditations.

  1. God, show me the creative powers I possess, especially my power to manifest events in my life. Teach me to use these powers to create harmony and beauty in the world.
  2. God, please help me align my intentions and desires with your highest good will for my life.
  3. God, show me what you want me to do and experience in life. Then give me enough consciousness to relax and see what you’re pointing out.
  4. God, help me use visualization as a regular tool in my life. Help me do my part in creating positive situations by taking the time first to see it, to visualize it.
  5. God, if I’l complicating a task or making it too big and unmanageable in my mind, help me to simplify what I see.
  6. God, give me the courage to fully live my life. Help me deliberately talk myself into doing things, instead of scaring myself away.
  7. God, help me know that each of us has our own rhythm for getting through life. Help me honor and enjoy rhythms that work for me.
  8. God, help me stop putting off living out of fear of doing it poorly. Help me lower my expectations to allow room for awkward beginnings.
  9. God, help me use my mental powers to create the most positive scenes I can imagine taking place in my life.
  10. God, help me use the powers of thought and imagination in the most creative way I can.
  11. God, help me know that what is unseen today will be made clear when the time is right.
  12. God, help me become aware of how I see naturally. Help me use and respect my imagination as the powerful creative took it is.
  13. God, help me become aware of danger signals before it’s too late.
  14. God, help me stay aware and focus my energy on where you want me to go.
  15. God, help me let go of my expectations and delight in what is.
  16. God, renew my spirit. Help me look at my life with a fresh vision. If I don’t like what I see, help me look again.
  17. God, help me live my life to the fullest. Help me see and treasure all the beauty in the world.
  18. God, heighten my awareness and appreciation of each moment in my life.
  19. God, help me slow down and become aware.
  20. God, if I start getting conned or manipulated, please show me and help me see the truth.
  21. God, help me let go of any expectations of perfection I may have of myself or others. Help me be aware of the messages you send me, then help me discern my own truth.
  22. God, help me remember that when I admit and accept the truth, I’ll be given the guidance and the power to change.
  23. God, help me remember that it’s okay to be who I am and feel what I feel, no matter what those feelings are. Remind me when I believe my feelings are a nuisance that they’re the key to my power.
  24. God, help me be aware of the self-created drama in my life. Help me let go of my need to control. Give me the courage of my feelings. And help me be aware of when my self-will is running riot.
  25. God, help me be present to the situations in my life without trying to read too deeply into them. Help me trust that my lessons will become clear when it is time.

Which one did you really need today?

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