Everyone is trying to figure out ways to make extra money. Whether it be to supplement your primary income in order to invest, or save money for vacation, car, education, and more, you are ready to get started!

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Here are 6 side hustles to help you make extra money this year:

  1. Buying and selling new and used stuff. One way you could do it is do it online. You can jump in your car and drive to the nearest store that has bulk items. You can review the items on Ebay to see how much they are going for online to mark the price. Craigslist and Amazon are popular too.
  2. Tutoring and coaching. All kids need help with different subjects like math, English, Spanish, history, science and more. You will need a skill set though to start. Some people need coaching skills. Adults need career coaching or physical gym coaching. If you are good at art or music, you could give lessons to those in need by promoting it in your local stores or send flyers out in your local community to get new clients.
  3. Become a Closer or Sales Representative. This is you being an independent 1099 person. You are going to go out to different closer sale opportunity sites. Indie.com, CareerBuilder.com, Monster.com, and LinkedIn.com are all job postings with these types of listings that would apply to getting a commission on them. Many companies are moving away from having full time employees as the cost is too high. They don’t have to pay benefits so they pay for commission closer sales representative.
  4. Odd Jobs. Most people don’t want to do odd jobs. People need people to do certain things they don’t want to do. For example, people want other people to power wash their driveway or sidewalks. They want someone to run errands for them. They want someone to clean their house. They want someone to do their laundry. These types of odd jobs saves people time and money. Painting is also an odd job that pays well.
  5. Sitting. House sitting, car sitting, babysitting, dog sitting are all great and easy way to watch over people prize possessions while they are out. People will pay you to watch and sit their family. You can make $100 or more doing it.
  6. Renting out space on Airbnb.com. You can rent your apartment out on Airbnb like your backyard, your pool, a single room and bath, and more. Take a look at the site. People can look at your home and choose to stay for a day or more. This is a good opportunity to maximize your space that is just sitting there.

I hope these 6 side hustles help you create your new side hustle and succeed! You control your worth. Let me know if there are any other side hustles that work for you in your community!

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