6 Cost Effective Local Advertising Ideas

Times are tough. COVID has put many business on hold until the fall and winter seasons, maybe even infinitely. Some companies are shifting their business model to adapt with the times to keep new business rolling in and others are out of business for good.

For those that are still looking to promote their local business in a cost effective way, below are 10 Cost Effective Local Advertising Ideas that work:

1. Referral Fee or Discount to Current Customers

Your current customers are your best source of income, and also your easiest to market to as they are already customers somehow! Why not incentivize your current customers by giving them a referral discount? You can offer this digitally via email or phone.

2. Monthly E-newsletters via your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Email Tool

MailChimp.com is a free emailing tool that helps you build an effective CRM to manage your customers and your business. Hubspot.com is also an effective tool to manage prospective, future, and current customers. It is easy to create a monthly newsletter with your customers permission, and offer new products, old products, and self care tips related to your industry. Showcasing the solutions you provide is ideal and don’t be afraid to ask your current customers to forward your email to have them refer new business to you here too.

3. Local Flyers + Doorhangers

Ever tried sending product menus, or attaching a door hanger on and around the locals near your store? This is a great cost effective way to gain new customers and your local printer can help you design, create, and print (in some cases even hang or mail) your custom mailers or doorhangers. Offering a free trial or sample flight of introductory pricing will surely help get the word out that you are open for business!

4. Calling all Schools!

Have you ever tried marketing to your local schools in the area? Those schools have plenty of parents with kids that could be looking for your services at a discounted rate. I would recommending calling your local schools to get them involved.

5. Calling Your Fellow Businesses

All local businesses are in the same boat. They need foot traffic and people in the door to get them to buy and support their families and lives. Why not try to get involved with your neighboring businesses, introduce yourselves, and set a good rapport with your neighbors? Who knows, there could be a customer of theirs that could be interested in your services too where you can cross pollinate customers and get them coming back for more. I would also recommend attending your local town hall events to get more involved in your community.

6. The Good Old Call, Text + Fax New Offers to Maintain Communication

Each customer is different, but if you have not seen them in a while but were able to capture their phone number, it may be a good time to reach out to them via auto or manual call, text and fax! Social media outlets like LinkedIn.com, Instagram.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com are also good casual tools to amplify your companies voice. I remember getting calls monthly for trunk shows at one of my favorite local clothing and jewelry stores, and I was excited to be on the A list for their exclusive events.

What local advertising opportunities have you seen effective and where? Drop some ideas in the comments below!

15 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Many dream of quitting their day job to turn to something more lucrative and exciting. Being in corporate for some time myself, I’ve always envied those that started a side business that turned into their full time business. I’ve done my research and found 15 most profitable small businesses that are not too expensive to start on your own, but can also help you take the next step towards financial independence this year. The trick to success with any business is adjusting to hiccups, perfecting your product, and catering towards your clients. Of course, you’d need to be passionate about any new business endeavor as people won’t come knocking on your door. You need to actively pursue new business through networking in your community, networking in different online communities like LinkedIn, Craigslist, and more, and setting your target audience in your business plan. Along with that, you’d need to price your services to make sure you are not losing money if possible.

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Here are 15 new small business ideas to help you build your nest:

1. Music Lessons Online or In Person

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Have a knack for playing the guitar? Love jamming out and teaching others? Are you musically gifted and ready to share your talents with the world? Music lessons may be your new small business endeavor! There are many parents looking for after school activities to keep their children learning, and there are also adults looking for a new hobby to explore. Depending on how experienced you are you could start at $30 per session as a novice, and up to $150 per session as an expert rock star. Playing music is a great hobby to get into and is similar to learning a language. You need to practice often and once learned is something you can pick up, similar to riding a bicycle.

2. Catering Services & Personal Chef

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com

Do others complement you on your homemade guacamole or love your cupcakes? If you’ve answered yes, then Catering Services may be for you! Many event halls, public and private schools, friends and family, may be looking for someone to cater their next event. Starting a simple social account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or others can help kick start your business plan for you. You could simply start cooking and take pictures of your creations to then post online to share with the world. You can then think about how you’d charge for your services, don’t forget food costs, prep costs, delivery costs, hosting costs and more. You’d be surprised with how many people do not want to cook these days, as it is time they can spend furthering their own careers.

3. Instagram Influencer

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

First, define what you’d like to become. Are you a mom of twins? Are you a chef? Are you a top salesperson? Maybe this is your big shot to get some sponsorships from local and national companies looking for some new business marketing ideas. There are some many different niches you could choose from including gaming, fitness, cooking, traveling, being a mom, or being a successful business person. Many companies look to followers in the space that listen and engage with their influencers, and if you have loyal followers they will also invest in the sponsored recommendations you make!

4. Personal Trainer

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Everyone is looking to look their best these days, as your appearance dictates your success in the corporate and personal world. It also helps you stay confident and happy. Why not become a personal trainer and make money off of your daily workout routine? You can post flyers in your neighborhood or knock on doors to introduce yourself to see if anyone is interested in starting over this year and finding their best self. Most fitness routines are best complimented with a solid food and eating plan as well, so if you can help support others in your fitness journey others with be grateful for your support.

5. Freelance Graphic Designer

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Make your own hours, charge your own billings, choose the clients you work with, sounds like a dream job right? It is! If you are creative designer that has the ability to create logos, sell sheets, and great ideas for new desing projects then this is the new small business for you!

6. Translator

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If you are fluent in a few languages, this is the right new business for you! Many parents, teachers, and business men and women are looking to have basic conversational languagfe skills to help them suceedded in tbusiness and ife. You can reacch out to your local community to see if anyone wants to learn new languages that you can teach them!

7. Landscape Designer

Photo by Thuyen Vu on Pexels.com

Enjoy gardening and unearthing a new business? Landscape design may be for you! The grass IS greener on the other side. Seriously though, if you have a knack for gardening and you like landscaping from either blank or an already full canvas, this business is for you. The great part about growing plants is that you will need to mow the lawn every week or at least once a month. If you get some good clients, you may get some great monthly revenue in to help get you out of your crappy day job.

8. Photographer & Videographer

Photo by ArtHouse Studio on Pexels.com

If you have an eye to catch great photos and videos, this would be a great side hustle for you. The ability to capture precious moments like new babies, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, baptisms, and parties is cool, plus you get to be a part of peak times of people lives. You’d need a solid camera, my dad prefers Canon, or you’d need a solid video camera. Good news is that business here is mainly referral based, so if you do a good job for one person, their family and friends network would also benefit from it too.

9. Property Manager

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

People. People who need people. If you are a fan of Barbara Streisand and enjoy real estate, this job is for you. Many people have multiple houses that need taking care of when that person is away. Also people that are renting also may have this need when they see family to make sure everything is working properly and no accidental plumbing, fire or other damage happens to it while you are away. This is a good side hustle that does not take up much time, where you can easily create additional side hustles or get multiple properties to manage as you build your repertoire.

10. Hair Stylist + Makeup Artist

Photo by Amir SeilSepour on Pexels.com

For those big and special events, it is always nice to have a makeup artist or hair stylist on call. If you are particularly on trend with the times, and talented with a make up brush, this is for you. It always helps to have an Instagram account showing others how you have done others makeup with before and afters so that you can positively showcase your talents.

11. Event Planner

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Planning for events can be tough! Many are looking for an ace to help pull off big birthdays, weddings, holidays and more. This is a great way to make more money especially if you are organized and like people.

12. Freelancer

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

Have a knack for SEO, writing, coding, or editing? Freelancing may be right for you! Companies like Craigslist and Fivver.com have many clients looking for a new way to outsource their technical and editorial needs. You can charge anywhere from $15 to $150 an hour depending on what topic you are writing about and what specialty knowledge you have as well. If you have legal expertise, your rates could be even higher.

13. Interior Designer

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Interior design is a gift to everyone but myself. If you love to pull together a beautiful room, and have patience to work with certain specific requests, this job is for you. A best way to start is designing your own home nice taking pictures of it for your website or social media accounts to show that you have a good eye for design.

14. Dogwalker + Doggy Day Care Spa

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

If Must Love Dogs is your favorite movie, you may want to give dog walking a shot! Many pet owners are working all day and need someone to help take out their dogs, walks them, feed them, and put water in their bowls. If you love dogs this job is for you!

15. Babysitter + Caretaker

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

After school, before school, weekends, days, there are many folks out there that need care and sometimes it is 24 hours a day. If you love to nuture people, this is the right job for you.

20 Email Subject Lines for Sales Success

How many emails do you delete daily? I would say nowadays I am deleting over 50 emails daily from a mixture of both personal and work related emails. Why is that? The email is not targeted to me and does not give me a specific reason or value to open it OR follow up. Being in sales myself an open rate of over 30% is great, but the open rate isn’t all that matters here. You want them to buy your services and become long term business clients.

Main advice for a stellar email is to first and foremost, BRING VALUE! Then keep it real, keep it precise, give a call to action, keep it personalized and keep it relevant.

Mass blanketed emails rarely work anymore, and typically attract the low end of the totem poll business wise. You want to make sure your emails are targeted and relevant to the receiver and his business, to make sure that he is the right person to connect with to approve your services.

black samsung tablet computer

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I’ve been testing different email subject lines throughout my sales career and have found the below subject lines to get the highest open rates and closes for business below:

  1. Liz, ready for growth?

When you call out their name, you get their attention faster. Dear Sirs or Hey There is degrading and means you are lazy or not doing your research to close the deal.

  1. Netflix Password?

    Never underestimate the power of a JOKE! Humor always works! It lightens your potential prospects up and gives it an airy feeling to het them interested in what you are serving up.

  2. Question about {THEIR PROBLEM YOU SOLVE}?

What problem are you looking to solve when you are emailing your potential client? Make sure this is stated in the body of the email to make sure your reach out provides enough value for them to want to respond and act to buy your services.

photo of person holding black pen

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  1. Matt recommend I get in touch

    When you are able to look at your potential clients name on LinkedIn, it is great when you already have someone in common that you can mention that may bring relevance to you and the business you offer by legitimizing your services and making you known with your industry somehow.

  2. Helping you

    If you are not able to help the person you are reaching out to there is no reason to be reaching out in the first place. Make sure you research and know your audience before getting in touch.

  3. I found you via LinkedIn

    Looks great on your end because it shows you are scoping out your propects ahead of time and doing your due diligence prior to reaching out. Kudos!

  4. {DAY OF THE WEEK or PRODUCT YOU SELL} Blues? Let me help

    Turns out not everyone is thrilled about their job! Haha! Most people are on the 9 to 5 grind and are probably not in a great mood. Calling them out and offering a helping hand goes a long way.


    I love lists that guide me to help me or my business. Pointing out flaws or problems within their business that you can help solve will help give them a reason to reach back out to you to use your services.

    four people holding green check signs standing on the field photography

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  6. {NAME}, what would you do with a few extra grand?

    Money sells! If your business is able to provide them value or straight bring them new money it should be called out in the body of the email, giving them the pathway to the promise land.

  7. A New Strategy from {YOUR BUSINESS}

    Everyone wonders if their current pathway is the right one. Bringing new strategies to the table will help make them believe you know their issues and are ready to help them.

  8. Trying to connect

    This one is simple and sweet, should be followed up with a few dates and times that would work for them to connect a on a call or screen share to go over the services. I have found that when the person is able to physically see you, there is a higher close rate. So WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and/or Skype are all great ways to capture your audience and build a relationship with them.


    Another simple subject line for your email, but it gets them to open it to try and find out what you are all about.

    woman using space gray iphone x

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  10. iPhone Users? OR Sent from my iPhone

    Did you drink the Kool Aid and buy an iPhone? You sly dog you! Because the iPhone has the elite branding here everyone thinks you are fancy and wants to do business with you.

  11. I would love to talk about {YOUR BUSINESS SERVICE TO THE COMPANY}

    You talk, I talk, everybody talks when you are adding value to your life. VALUE TO YOUR LIFE is also a funny subject line. Bring the value and get the customer.

  12. Here’s an idea for you

    Bring them an idea that could bring value to their business, and close that sale!


    Point out a potential problem your prospective client may encounter and ask them if they would consider hopping on a call to review the opportunity.

    full frame shot of eye

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  14. Change your position about joining {YOUR COMPANY}?

    Maybe your prospective client is not happy with your competitor today and may want to try out your services instead. The time is now!

  15. Here’s a perk for {PROSPECTIVE CLIENT}

    Be specific on the benefit you can bring to the table so they want to work with you.

  16. NAME, you have X options to get started!

    Bring different aspects to the table that benefit you and the company.

  17. This is how COMPETITOR gets PROFIT

    Let’s be honest, you tried to cheat and look at the persons paper next to you to see their answers before providing yours. Cheater! Reality is that your prospective client has competitors and you want to bring that up as if they are successful with you already, they may have FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out and want to test you out solely due to the fact that their competitor is seeing great results with you as well. Lock in down!

I hope these subject lines were helpful for you and can get you to win more business. Happy selling, you beast you! Lock it down!

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