Being a parent is no easy task. Either you feel like you are doing too much, or doing too little. Either way you never feel like you are doing enough.

If you are reading this you are a good parent as you are looking to better your relationship with your children. Validating their fears and emotions will help you both strengthen your bond and help your kids know that you care and you are there to help guide them in the right direction.

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Here are 8 positive parent cues for alternate ways to speak to your children to cultivate a more positive and mindful outcomes to benefit you both.

  1. Instead of calm down, ask how can I help you?
  2. Instead of stop crying, say I can see this is hard for you.
  3. Instead of you’re okay, ask are you okay?
  4. Instead of be quiet, say can you use a softer voice?
  5. Instead of don’t hit, say please be gentle!
  6. Instead of stop yelling, say take a deep breath and tell me what happened!
  7. Instead of don’t get upset, say it’s okay to feel sad.
  8. Instead of that’s enough, say do you need a hug?

Can you see the differences here? Instead of giving blame and asking them to stop their feelings, you guide them on feeling them in a more positive way.

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What do you do to help calm your kids down when they are upset?

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