I woke up at 4 am this morning without an alarm. My sinuses have been acting up lately, maybe due to the frequent weather changes. Here in Los Angeles the weather has been fluctuating from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a big range. I think it has something to do with the global warming everyone is talking about. I digress.

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But the good news is a red rose is just starting to bloom right outside our kitchen window. We also had another rogue rose bounce up and bloom a few weeks ago too. It is so nice to see the flowers during winter time as when we were in New York we never saw roses in the winter!

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I love to write before the rest of my house wakes up because it gives me that me time I need in order to regain my thoughts and organize my mind before I mom out. My kids are wonderful and super helpful. They are nice to strangers and very inclusive when playing on the playground, which was something that we taught them. At least we’d like to take credit for something, ha! They are the best.

It is important however to take time out as a mom and reflect on you and your day. That goes for fathers too. Anyone that has a family knows it is a rush to get to work a rush to get them to school a rush, rush, rush of life and it is hard to slow down for fear of losing time.

We luckily have taken some vacations in and around the Los Angeles area to local hotels as the economy slowed down lat year.

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We tried to support the local economy when eveything slowed down, however many businesses around us had to shut their doors for good. It is a sad day when the store owners have to close up shop when we aren’t out doing our normal routines. The good news is it seems traffic is starting to pick up so hopefully small busoninesses will have that opportunity as well.

I wanted to pull together 6 articles that have some good ideas to get into a new morning routine that can help you be more productive, and help you start your day with some zest.

Here are 6 articles I found really helpful to help give me some ideas on how to get going once I wake up early.

  1. Must Love Lists came up with a list of must do’s that includes being silent and being kind to yourself, check it out here.
  2. A Simple Contented Life mentioned making a list of to do’s and doing some deep breathing exercises with music, article here.
  3. Self Made Ladies reminds us that our motivation, self discipline and creativity are all heightened in the morning, more on that here.
  4. Memories and Mayhem talks about writing 3 things you are grateful for as soon as you woke, more on her advice here.
  5. Making Time For Giggles says that showering and making the bed as soon as you wake up gives you motivation and fervor to start your day, check that out here.
  6. Emily Aagaard’s blog reminds us to take our vitamins with warm lemon water, more on her tips here.

What do you do to start your day off right?

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