Everyone feels like shit sometimes, it’s part of having a skin suit. Everyone suffers and we are all going to die. It seems pretty grim right? All of these realities come forth and we need a way to process feeling like shit as naturally as possible to understand if our thoughts are facts or feelings. Most of the time my thoughts straight up LIE to me and try to keep me stuck in a mental prison. Why? I don’t know. We all tend to focus on our problems and think that the more we focus on the problem the more likely we are able to achieve the solution. Is this insanity? Not sure yet, but here are 5 ways to stop feeling like shit.

1. Identify why you feel like shit. Do you hate your parents? Do you have any friends? Do you suck at life? If the answer is yes, no, and yes then read on. You have no control over your parents or who they are. You have the ability to make new friends. And you may suck at life, but realizing and becoming aware is the first step to progressing into a better, more fulfilling life.

2. Understand what is in your control to change and what is not. This is half the battle. You cannot change other people, but you can change your reaction to them. This takes hard work in the self awareness arena and takes a lot of persistence to pull away the walls of your reality. There are ways to induce a better sense of self control that only you have the ability to change. You are where your feet are and when you are not happy only you have the opportunity to use your own feet and get to where you want to be. Only you are responsible for the environment you live in.

3. Do something you like to do. Whether it be to try a new hobby like painting, getting a mentor, or meditating, try something new to take you out of your head and into a new frame of reality. I loved going to Soul Cycle classes pre-pandemic as it gave me a surge of positive energy. My endorphins were charged and ready to take on the world. If you love to jump on trampolines, find your nearest trampoline store and get on it. Changing up your circumstances can only be done by your, and trying new hobbies can be awkward at first but could result in new fun and new relationships.

4. Take charge of your mental health. If you are sad, go to a therapist. If you are lonely, join a community zoom meeting that you feel works for you. There are many different clubs you can join like a book club, AA meeting, penguin lovers, whatever you like there are people waiting for you to participate and communities that will embrace your uniqueness.

5. Take charge of your diet and exercise. Being motivated is hard to snap out of especially when you are feeling like shit. But only you can take the first step. Take a walk on the beach, or a hike in nature. Try to go on a nature treasure hunt for fun. Stepping out of yourself and your routine can give you a new mindset to restart your day.

What things do you do when you feel like shit?

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