New year, new you! Self care is an important life skill that helps us be better human beings. Most people are running around the rat race trying to survive and not taking a minute to themselves for exercise, meditation and healthy living.

It’s imperative we take care of ourselves not just to extend our overall lifelines, but to live a happier more fulfilled life. When you are groggy, tired and walking through life blindly and unconsciously, once we wake up it is something we regret.

It is hard to be consistent with self care but if you refer to this list daily when you are feeling down or feel like you are not sure what to do next, it will help you take a step in the right direction.

Here are 9 daily activities you can do every day to help you live a better more fulfilling life!

1. Drink 3 cups of tea a day

Hot tea is a great way to stay healthy as the hot water cleans out tour lungs, soothes your throat, and is comforting overall on a hard day. The tea can be of your liking, and my favorites include green tea, peach tea, chai tea and English breakfast tea. I avoid sugar and dairy, but will substitute with natural sweetener like raw honey and almond milk. Your blood sugar is like a pendulum, the more it goes up the more it goes down and it has a direct effect on your moods. 3 cups a day keeps the beast away!

2. 2 liters of water a day

Water is over 70% of our body mass and has an important part in making us feel revitalized throughout the day. I used to drink water very quickly but I found out that sipping throughout the day is better than chugging it all at once. This action detoxifies your body and keeps you feeling alert and comfortable.

3. Daily exercise for an hour

If you are like me you hate working out. It is either too much or too little for me, and typically I am all in or all out. If you have a favorite podcast, put it on and walk for an hour a day. It pumps up your heart rate and helps you produce more happiness as you serotonin levels shot high. It is important to make it fun as the more fun the more likely you’ll come back. Don’t overdo it!

4. Eat 4 colors a day

Red for apples, yellow for bananas, brown for peanut butter, blue for blueberries, pink for salmon, etc. The natural colors are healthier than white alone. Give it a shot.

5. 5 minutes of meditation

I didn’t realize how important meditation was to reset your day especially if you are feeling stressed or anxious. Many high stress entrepreneurs make a point to meditate as they wake up to give a minute to themselves, clear their heads, and understand where they need to go next. If you prioritize you, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel.

6. Listen to 6 songs that motivate you

The songs I am jamming to now include Dave Matthews Stay, Beyonce Grown Woman, Russel Dickerson Blue Tacoma, Brantley Gilbert Country Must be Counteywide, John Parr St Elmo’s Fire, and Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Happy Anywhere. Just heard them all on a drive recently and noted them down. What are your favorites?

7. Pick a daily reader

I love Hope for Today or Courage to Change as they give me awareness and reality, helping me live peacefully daily. One of those positive quote daily emails or calendars really helps too!

8. Daily vitamins

I always feel better when I take my daily vitamins with extra iron and vitamin C.  It perks me up in the morning and I love to relax before work by taking them and feeling like no matter what I eat I have already gotten my daily needs.

9. Surround yourself with healthy people

No more drama in the new year, it’s time to surround yourself with healthy communities that care for themselves, are healthy and positive. You’d be surprised how much better you feel when you surround yourself with other positive people.

What have you added to your daily routine to make you feel happier and healthier?

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