1. Sit on your death bed.

Say you are dying tomorrow. What would you think about the the way you have lived your life? Have you made an impact? What would you have wanted to accomplish? What would you need to accomplish to get to that person you’d be proud of as you passed away? What you come up with are your life goals!

2. Identify 3 Things That Make a Wonderful Person

3 things that make a wonderful person in my eyes is someone that gives love unconditionally without bias, someone that is actively helping their community, and someone that supports others with their knowledge and wisdom. With all of these, it looks like I’d like to be a mentor of some type, or maybe a teacher. I enjoy writing for now but maybe one day I will make the switch if that is what my Higher Power calls me to do.

3. Utter half the words you usually do.

We talk too much and often regret things we say. I am not telling you to silence yourself as I have silenced myself for many years prior to this not thinking my writing would be worthy or helpful to others. It turns out I have helped others this way. So, instead of regretting the outburst think before you speak. Is what you say a knee jerk defense mechanism? Is what you are going to say necessary? Is what you are going to say something that you’d say to a child? Kindness matters and so do you.

4. Look back on your day.

Review your day. What happened? What did you like and what did you dislike? What would you have done differently to work towards your goals? Did you forget to do certain things? Taking a log or journaling is important to your success. Monitoring progress is crucial for change and growth.

5. Break at least one limitation each month.

He also says to try and shoot for 10% better every week. Too much more than that or too little will cause too much activity and stress. Baby steps to the bigger goal. All you can do is a little better each week, and if you think you have to do it all in a day you’ll completely crash and burn out fast. Pace yourself and be mindful of your actions.

What else can we do in 2021?

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