New Year’s Eve is a night to reflect on your accomplishments and failures, to help you realign your new goals and objectives for the upcoming year!

No thoughts on your resolutions yet?

That’s perfect news as we’ve come up with your new New Year’s resolutions by using the first letter of your first name, your birth month, and the color of your shirt.

At the end of this post, please let us know your new NYE resolutions in the comments below.

Your resolution is to…

First Letter of Your First Name

A-C – Start

D-F – Stop

G-I – Avoid

J-L – Quit

M-O – Keep

P-R – Contemplate

S-U – Work on

V-X – Continue

Y-Z – Quit

Birth Month

January – predicting death for

February – fighting with

March – asking for treasure from

April – nullifying prophecy for

May – usurping the throne of

June – feasting on

July – feasting with

August – making evil weapons for

September – madly cursing

October – time traveling

November – casting spells on

December – dumpster diving with

Your Shirt Color

Black – warty toads

White – scary witches

Blue – hairy spiders

Red – weeping wizards

Pink – leaping lizards

Brown – liquid turds

Gray – hungry trolls

Purple – hoochie mamas

Orange – fiesty crabs

Yellow – Porto potties

Green – weed trucks

Multicolored – rump shakers

I have to work on feasting with hungry trolls, what about you?

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