1. Remain calm + Redirect Uncomfortable Questions

The reality is their bad mood most likely has nothing to do with you. Remember to remain calm during uncomfortable conversations and redirect questions towards them. For example, ‘I heard your car broke down and you lost your job, Kate.’ You can reply ‘Your car is so reliable, where did you buy it from?’ Send the question right back to them and keep the focus on them.

2. It’s not your job to fix their attitude, and life.

Although you may feel like you want to advise them on new strategies, it is not your job to fix their attitude and life in general. Those that remain bitter are choosing to do so and it really has nothing to do with you.

3. Be clear about your boundaries.

Going to family gatherings is completely optional, and you are not a doormat. If you feel uncomfortable, there are always other options. You have the choice on where you put your own two feet.

4. Know when it is time to cut them out.

Family is forever, genetically that is! If a family member is causing an unreasonable amount of pain to your life, it may be time to detach with love and cut them out of your life. Life is hard enough and you don’t need to be bullied or abused to keep certain family members in your life.

5. They take sibling rivalry to extremes and don’t take your feelings into consideration.

When a sibling does really mean things to prove they are the alpha, they are usually deeply insecure and troubled beyond anything you can repair. Don’t take it personally, just be flattered they put as much energy as they do to try to focus on you rather than themselves and keep distance.

6. Accept the other difficuly person fully.

They are who they are, and it has nothing to do with you. Their attitude is their decision. Their lifestyle is their decision. Their unhealthy focus on you is their decision. Life is about being a little bit better everyday.

What other tips have you found useful when dealing with difficult family members?

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