The holidays are here, finally! What a year is has been for everyone. For me, the holidays tend to end of being a time of overindulgence.

Overindulgence on food, overindulgence on gifts, and overindulgence on self as a whole.

As much as it is great to overindulge here and there, it is critical that we give back to others less fortunate than us.

Here are three ways to make God smile at you this holiday season!

1. Give to the Needy

There are many people sleeping on the streets due to many different circumstances from bad luck to addiction to mental health issues. Some are lucky enough to live in a car or van. Some are lucky enough to have pillows, blankets, a tent, and fresh water.

Either way, it is important to give to those less fortunate then us. Reaching out a helping hand to the homeless in the form of canned food like peanut butter, or old pillows you are not using anymore. You can drop them off to homeless shelters nearby, or if you see a set of tents you can drop it off by them so they can find it.

2. Donate to Your Charity of Choice

There are many nonprofits needing help this holiday season. You have your own favorite nonprofits, why not give a donation this holiday season in lieu of regular gifts?

3. Go to Church, Temple, Mosque, Prayer Group, etc. And Meet Your Community to Pray Together

It is time to celebrate and be thankful, praying for you, your family, your friends, and others that it. Make time to pray and be thankful, living to love and be at peace.

What are you doing this holiday season to give back to your community?

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