Holiday parties are among us. ‘Tis the season to be jolly AND safe!

I love a good holiday party with family and friends. It really reminds me how grateful I am that they are around and ready to celebrate life as the holidays ring in.

With that comes a lot of responsibility prior and post party that we need to think about as we safely surround ourselves with our loved ones.

On that note, we have come up with 5 safety measures to take post party as you arrive back home to your good old abode and crack open a fresh one. A paleo friendly La Croix Lemon Lime Seltzer of course!

1. Shower

Kick back and relax.

Although it may seem over board, you never know where germs may come and hit you. Better to be safe than sorry by showering. And yes that means washing your hair, Karen. You also kill two birds with one stone by washing your hands in there too.

2. Clean All Your Door Knobs With Rubbing Alcohol

I am dead serious. I pour alcohol on inside and outside door knobs once a week at least to make sure we are sanitizing the high frequency door ways.

3. Vacuum Your House

Shake your moneymaker.

I like to vacuum when I come back from a long trip. This is because the air is stagnant as the windows are all closed. I open them and vaccuum upstairs and downstairs and wash the kitchen floors too, just to make sure we take care of any dirt we tracked in.

4. Clean Your Bathroom

So fresh and so clean, clean

Especially if you didn’t clean it before you left, better safe than sorry and make good use of that extra bleach you have laying around in your linen closet.

5. Change Your Sheets

There is nothing like a fresh set of sheets to give yourself that fresh new hotel room feeling! I change the linens and pillow cases. If you are feeling extra special, take the comforters to be cleaned as well. Go ahead and splurge, tell them Mama Stacy sent you.

What precautionary measures are you taking this holiday season?

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