We have the power to manifest hope.

Stop with the pity party. Don’t be stuck in the past.

You have been disappointed left and right this year, but you are about to be blessed. You charged your crystals, you self healed, you did everything to help yourself.

The good stuff as a miracle is on the way. Don’t let past disappointments dictate your future and how it will play out. When the right opportunity comes along, don’t compare past things to new things and block it.

There are new options coming in, and if you don’t stick with the program you will lose the opportunity.

You are not as healed as you think you are. You think about past disappointments still and harping on them. You are afraid of rejection and hurt, and fear will not help you get to the next level.

Be patient.

You have to walk away if you have not already.

Your destiny has not rolled out fully yet.

Whatever you find yourself having to abandon, it was meant to be.

You define what is good and what is right for you.

You know it’s not there.

In order to be truthful with your fate, you need to let go of the things that are not supporting you anymore.

You are walking towards something good, but once you stop giving into the negative energy, new positive energy will come through.

Walk away from negativity.

Bela Karolyi said ‘You can do it’ to me over 5 times, so I know I can do it.

Entrepreneurial success is in your future.

You will be a celebrity in your field, meaning that you will be well-known in the industry and gain automatic respect.

Whatever you do will get you a lot of success and praise.

You have the potential to be well known.

You will get clout for what you do.

If you have failed or if you have been stagnant, greatness is just around the corner.

Whatever you touch will turn to gold.

You have the power of manifestation. Anything you want you can get.

Keep the faith.

You have the power to turn lemons into lemonade.

You have the ability to manifest your future.

You can get whatever you want, nothing is too good to be true.

Don’t give up.

Your words are your wand, think and speak accordingly.

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