We stopped into a Mandarin lunch spot randomly and we were presently surprised.

The owner had owned the restaurant since 1985, and he was happy to have new customers.

We ordered the seafood fried rice and the chicken fried rice with vegetables.

It was delicious and came with soy sauce and fortune cookies.

Here were our fortunes:

Here was some wall wisdom on our anger translated from Mandarin:

It reads:

Don’t be Angry

Life is a neverending series.

People we meet by its means.

It is uneasy to keep faithful forever,

Should we treasure everything we have.

Being angry on trivial is unworthy when we refresh back.

Don’t be angry when people angry, no one would be there for you.

What is benefit if I were angry?

Anger only strains neverending energy.

Don’t compare with neighbors or relatives.

Let go offsprings worry their own business.

Share every moment low and high in life.

Good partners will be appreciated by god.

End of poem.

How nice was it to come across this wisdom at lunch?

We also came across some beautiful Chinese artwork that we appreciated.

This one looks like the spirit dragon from the Chinese New Year in February, and was placed above the bar.

We took the food to go and ate by the lake, where we saw six swans.

The number 6 is good luck in Chinese numerology and signifies smooth fortune and good luck.

That’s all folks! 👍

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