1. Know your demon

Binsfield describes each demon in the book Princes of Hell that was written in the 14th century. They define Lucifer as the captain of Pride, Mammon as the captain of Greed, Asmodeus as the captain of Lust, Leviathon as the captain of Envy, Beelzebub as the captain of Gluttony, Satan as the captain of Wrath, and Belphegor as the captain of Sloth.

2. Expel the demon

This can be done many ways. First, sprinkle holy water in each room with the windows open. Second, light white sage on fire. Let it burn for 30 seconds then blow it out allowing the sage to smolder with smoke still until it goes out on it’s own. Third, bang pots and pans with the windows open through out the house to release demons. Fourth, charge cleansing crystals under a full moon. Best ones to use are obsidian, hematite, desert rose, hematite, and kyanite. Fifth, sprinkle salt in the corners of your house and at your front door. Sixth, wear a talisman or holy cross around your neck. Seventh, look in the mirror and describe yourself. If you see a failure, you need to control your negative thoughts. Stay positive and do not allow them in. Eighth, site Psalm 23 as this helps to drive in positivity and remove negative. Ninth, if all else fails call in your church or pastor to come in and bless the house.

3. Keeping the demon out for good

Avoid negative films or music in your home. Horror movies and gore can feed and invite them in. Pray often to expel them and say something like, ‘no demons are welcome here, this is a house of light and love guided by the infinite peace of the universe.’

Praying for you, and happy slaying.

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