Mother Mary

The mother of Jesus, she is revered for her kindness, grace, and wisdom.

J.K. Rowling

Divorced mother that wrote all the Harry Potter series books and screenplays, she is known for being rejected by publishers over 30 times before finding her first book deal that lead to one of the highest grossing movie series of all time.

Mother Gaia

Mother Gaia is Mother Earth. The biggest mother we know. Word to your mother.

Goldie Hawn

The it girl of the 70’s and 80’s, Goldie Hawn is mom to none other than the adorable Kate Hudson, who owns Fabletics (well known spandex workout gear for women). Goldie is known as a bright beacon of sunshine to all, and takes many Hollywood A listers under her wing as well.

Joyce Meyer

She is a global evangelist preaching the word of God that is well known for her raspy voice and to the point sermon delivery, Joyce has captured the ears of many globally that believe in the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ. She herself a victim of sexual abuse as a child, she has healed herself and teaches the gospel to those that need spiritual guidance and hope.

Carol Brady

Widowed with three daughters, she finds love again with Mike Brady and his three sons. They live happily ever after in TV land, and give great lessons to all with their day to day bumps and bruises. Cheers to you, Carol.

Marje Simpson

Even though she had to deal with Homer, she stuck in there. She remained with him through marriage even though he was a drunk cartoon idiot.

Indira Ghandi

She was India’s first female prime minister that promoted green living and self sufficiency. A staunch promoter of education and wellness, she had a positive impact on the nation and is still influential today.

Lou Xiaoying

Babies were dumped in the trash and landfills during China’s one child policy ruling around 1972, and Lou was there to save them. She saved over 30 children that we know about and had previously lived in extreme poverty on the streets, getting food only from trash bins. She is a heroic mother.