It’s Virgo season until September 26th.

And if you didn’t already notice the huge star next to the moon over the last few days, look up and check it out!

This star is super bright and it’s known as the Aldebaran Star.

The Aldebaran Star is a red giant star that just so happens to appear close to the September moon today.

This is significant as it is the brightest star in the sign of Taurus.

The planets are aligning for healing your dark night of the soul, and loose ends that have not been tied up more lately will be tied up and healed.

Good news. Abundance is on the way!

It’s important to listen to your intuition during this time to understand what things you should cut and what things you should keep.

It is an overwhleming time now, but this period will end as you heal and let it go.

Any circumstances of lies, deception, and cheating that has happened in the past will be healed.

We are purging all that does not serve us anymore, and realizing that everything happens for a reason.

When you release everything, you will then have the confidence and peace to move forward.

Any instability that is at hand now will fall and release itself from you and the light will be shown.

Any wish you wish now will manifest itself and you will be successful.

Any stagnation will lead to creative abundance as you heal.

The Universe has your back so any unexpected circumstances that arise are meant to cut away toxicity and bring you on the path you are meant to be on.

Let go, and let God.

Do not forget how beautiful you are, as you come from love.

Change your vibration, change you life.

Have a blessed day.

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