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Your body is your temple. What you give it, it will become. Daily exercise should be added to your daily routine in the form of walking, stretching, yoga, or even more rigorous activity like running, biking, lifting weights or rowing.

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Your mind and the internal narratives you tell yourself, along with your external facing ego are all important aspects of the zen philosophy. Peaceful, quiet minds equal peaceful, quiet lives. Meditation especially now is key to a zen lifestyle.



Your spirit is your infinite soul that is a part of your essence as a human being. You have a spirit that is ancient and you must thank your ancestors for their survival to give you your life.

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Knowledge is not equal to wisdom, however knowledge is necessary to gain wisdom. Wisdom comes from learning from situations you encounter, and adjusting to both winning and failing.

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Einstein said energy is everywhere, and everything has an energy to it. Have you ever touched on old piece of antique furniture and felt a vibe? Be is good or bad, every object has an energy to it and it’s good to bring that energy into your awareness.

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Although you are not required to like everyone, respecting others is important. You honor yourself when you respect others that have a different mind, different take, or different ways of living than you.

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It is good to balance work and home life, as jobs can come and go however your family will always remain. Take care of yourself by setting boundaries of time, space, and energy to live a happier life.

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All animals, mammals or alike are different. And this is what makes them magical. Love your neighbor, and love yourself.

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