Since my last post, a few things have happened. First off, I am a sober mother in recovery so I tried to find a morning meeting to help me feel good. Unfortunately I was not able to logon to a meeting yet but I am hopeful I will be able to after this post.

My son had diarrhea again. Ugh. He is now on the toilet that I just bleached. I bleached the entire bathroom prior to this new diarrhea episode. I think it is just the stomach bug but I am continuing to monitor symptoms as a good, concerned parent. If symptoms worsen by this afternoon I will call the pediatrician, however it appears as though this may be the last of the diarrhea. Sorry for the TMI (too much information) but I know you parents out there feel my pain.

Now I will bleach the toilet again to be safe, just in case it is contagious. There is no fever and no other symptoms so I think it was something he ate. He thinks it was chocolate ice cream but we don’t really know and may never know. I am just glad I didn’t send him to school after the first bout of diarrhea this morning.

Have you heard enough about my son’s diarrhea yet? I have. I hope this is over with but time will tell. Let’s get down to business.