Who run the world…GIRLS! Beyonce’s song comes to mind when I get to take care of two sick kids that are home from a school day!

When the kids get sick, parents get prepped for aiding and recovery. My kids separately had diarrhea and a sore throat, so I had to email the teacher to let her know that they’d be staying home from school today and would not be in class.

I was really surprised on this sudden health change! Especially considering that we are always really healthy and careful. We wash our hands, mask up, and normally keep a small network of people that we interact with that usually seems healthy too. So as you can imagine, I couldn’t believe they both got sick overnight!

So far, so good though. I was able to feed them an egg and chicken burritos, followed up with some chocolate ice cream as a special stay at home treat. I know it’s not kosher to give them ice cream while they are sick but I wanted to show them so extra l love while they were home and suffering.

Side bar, I was able to get in some much needed chores last night. I did laundry and vacuumed so I do feel good about that despite the kids being sick today.

I also feel good about my own recovery from anxiety and depression. I spent many years unmedicated without therapy and in the fray of chaos. I am lucky that I have a recovery team through an outpatient program that helps me sort through my issues. Having twins land working full time was mentally exhausting. I was also dealing with the pressure of supporting the family financially for the last 10 years while my husband took on the hubby at home role.

The tables have now turned. My husband is back at work and I am the stay at home.mom that I never expected to be. My own mother was a stay at home mom and I realize now how much harder it is than going to work. Especially when I have two sick kids at home.

Now I have some time to myself to write and recover. It has been a tough four years as I haven’t been able to find a job that I really love. I feel like I am going through a mod life crisis but I know it is really just a time of transition that was needed for me to grow.

That’s it for now. We have the yuckies and we are going to rest and recuperate as the day rolls out. How do you manage your family and life?