Congratulations! You are sober after a career of using drugs and alcohol. Your sobriety is key to living a good life. A good way to continue sobriety is to get a job or career that compliments your newly found sobriety.

There are many different paths to take. There are some people that recommend going back to your previous position and there are other opinions that starting a new job helps delineate your new start. Whatever path you may choose, there are many different stable jobs out there that are consistent and safe to help you navigate your newfound sobriety.

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Here are 15 best careers for recovering addicts:

  1. Book Keeper – Finance is not for everyone, but having a numbers job can be straight forward. Having similar tasks daily can help create stability for you and your career. If you find working with numbers calming and exciting, book keeping may be your next career move with your sobriety.
  2. Art Therapist – Art therapy is something very calming and artistic. There are many art therapy places that employ artists to teach others how to act, paint, mold clay, paint wood, string jewelry, and more. Some art therapy places may require a certificate in teaching. You can look into it online to find the right type of artistry place for you.
  3. Psychologist – Listening to other peoples troubles can actually help your troubles too. It sounds odd, but true. Helping others with their internal problems can be extremely rewarding. Psychology majors are not enough, you would need a higher degree to get certified as a psychologist.
  4. Cashier – Cashiers are needed in different retail and restaurant locations. A cashier will ring up others checks and will help them buy what they want and need. This is a stable, consistent job that usually doesn’t pay very well but gets you out of the house and making some money as you get started on your sobriety journey.
  5. Yoga Instructor – Yoga is a form of exercise that combines body, mind and spirit. It helps put us into our bodies again. It also helps others sculpt their body and has a positive impact on their mind too.
  6. Teachers – Teachers are mentors and role models that help others accelerate their learning and growth. It is a big responsibility. You have the distinct privilege to instruct others on their learning journey. This is typically a stable job that helps others while helping yourself too.
  7. Personal Trainer – Personal trainers help to motivate others on working on their physical stature. This requires training and there are many personal trainers out there that really care and want to help you be your best you.
  8. Support Staff at a Sober Living Facility – Support staff is needed at rehabilitation centers. This is a great way to help others start their sobriety journey while helping you preserve your sobriety.
  9. Nonprofit Support Staff – Nonprofit are typically known for having a purpose to support different underappreciated groups. This is usually a nice environment and great way to help the nonprofit of your choice. If you are passionate about animals, religions, politics, and more, there is a nonprofit that has your name on it.
  10. File Clerk – Administrative jobs help support an office with their paperwork and organizational objectives. Medical offices need filing experts to make sure their files are neatly organized. This is a great job right out of sobirety that is simple and calming.
  11. Occupational Therapists – Occupational therapists help treat those people with illnesses, injuries or disabilities. They help revitalize the patient and help get them back into a better place both physically and emotionally. This is a rehabilitative job that does require certification.
  12. Pastor – If you are religious and have a calling to preach others in the religion of your choice, this is a good option to spiritually motivate people.
  13. Animal Shelter Volunteer – Animal shelter volunteers help walk dogs, feed cats, and pet rabbits as they recover from any ailments that may have as they get ready to be adopted. This is a manual labor job that gives back to animals in a positive way.
  14. Plumber – This is a vocational trade that does also require certification, but if you get into a great plumbing company you may be able to find a mentor that will help teach you the tricks of the trade from the ground up.
  15. Addiction Counselor – Addiction counselors help other addicts recover from their addictions.

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