Heavenly Bodies Astrology Guide Book was written + illustrated by Lily Ashwell. I always have had a fascination with the universe. I am quoting from this guide book below as I pulled the Sun, Taurus, House Three and the South Node today. I will give their summaries and omens below. I hope you enjoy it!

The Sun tarot card wants us to enhance our self-expression by embracing the quirks that make you you. Perhaps you have gone down the very normal, very human rabbit hole of comparing yourself to others? Maybe you have felt some envy or some game-like you aren’t who you are supposed to be? You’re being reminded that who you are is exactly right. Your loving guides and Angel’s see you in your entirety; they love you unconditionally and cheer you on as you increase your light. They say, “The more you step into your truth, the more powerful your creative potential and the more connected you will feel to your life as a whole.

So, can you work on aligning your physical self with the truth of your spirit? The Sun is most brilliant as an expression of the Moon. Remember, every being, in truth, brings their own unique offering to the collective tapestry. Every individual life matters in the complex web of existence. Allow yourself to step deeper into your authenticity. Radiate, shine and be seen. You are a gift.

The Taurus tarot card reads that perhaps you’ve been feeling out of alignment or fearful? Be patient and trust in your process of becoming. Sink deeply into each moment, even of you find yourself in trying times. Feel your way into each forward step, always asking yourself what aligns and what doesn’t. Your body is an instrument to connect to the wisdom of this moment, so honor your inner knowing through every sensory experience. Give your growth the gift of time – there’s no rush; the blossomed rose lives within the bud.

House Three wants to know if we recall a time you felt scared to speak up or even silenced? Revisit this memory and with the wisdom and conviction of your highest self, tell the Little You inside, “Your Voice Matters.”

Someone may be a natural extrovert, speaking freely in front of many, while another may be more introverted, preferring one-on-one conversations and intimate settings. Whether it’s loud and from the mountaintops, or quiet on the pages of a journal, express yourself without inhibition. Get to know your voice and let yourself be heard. It’s okay if it lands on deaf ears, it’s okay of it isn’t well received. It’s okay to disappoint, disarm or disillusion. What matters most is you let your voice be heard.

The South Node wants us to reflect on relationships and situations that have shaped you. Why were the challenges so difficult, what did they ask of you? Why were the moments of beauty so profound, how different disguises – how have you met it each time? What message first spoke in whispers, then in screams? What is the lesson life has been trying to teach you – have you listened? What do you need to to release? we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to

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