Christmas is right around the corner and what a better way to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating the house! I love putting the Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. The Christmas decorations put me into a festive mood. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. The presents, the family presence, and the overall season cheer, I just love Christmas.

My neighbors here go all out on Christmas and spend thousands of dollars on Christmas decorations that cover the entirety of their home. It’s quite obnoxious to see all the Christmas decorations covering the house during Christmas time, mainly because I am secretly jealous of their festive Christmas spirit. But spending more money on Christmas decorations doesn’t get you more in the spirit, it just puts us out of cash. When we are not frugal with our money during the Christmas holiday, we will have a lot of credit cards to pay off in the New Year. Like you, I want my house to look like FAO Schwartz in New York City. Do you remember that toy store? It was a Christmas sensation during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Their were 40 minute lines to get into that toy store.

The reality is that we can be frugal during the Christmas holidays but still make our homes feel cozy for the Christmas holiday. Here are ways to frugally decorate for Christmas in your home this Christmas season.

green christmas tree with gray gift boxes near sofa
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  1. Put up the Christmas tree. I put up my plastic Christmas tree from last year that has the Christmas lights built in it already. We store our plastic Christmas tree in our master room closet during the year and pull it out every year. Surprisingly this plastic tree has lasted the last 6 Christmas seasons and counting! We purchased this plastic Christmas tree from Kmart before it went out of business and luckily it have survived the season. Home Depot is a great place to buy plastic Christmas trees with lights and it saves a tree yearly. If you buy a plastic Christmas tree, having the Christmas lights built in already is really helpful.
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2. Decorate the Christmas tree. Luckily we have a ton of pine cones that fall off of the trees near our home. We normally go and pick them up during a weekend adventure. Once we pick them up we spray paint them with white sparkly spray to make them look like there is snow on them. We then hang them on the tree after they dry. We also have leftover Christmas ornaments stored away in our master closet. We take them out and hang the Christmas balls on the tree as well. If you like tinsel, it does not cost that much. Your local Home Depot or 99 cent store may have some additional Christmas tree decorations that you can get to continue to keep it frugal.

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3. Make cinnamon scented pine cones for a table centerpiece. Since we hunt for our pine cones for the Christmas tree decorations, we also boil pine cones in cinnamon scented water. We cool them off and make them the centerpiece in our table during the Christmas holiday. It makes our home smell Christmas-like, festive and warm. You can paint the pine cones white to make them look like they were freshly covered in Christmas time snow.

4. Break out the Christmas pillows and throw blankets for the couches and chairs in your living spaces. We have a ton of Christmas themed pillow covers that always make us feel cozy and comforted during the Christmas season. Christmas throw blankets are also good to have a snuggle with loved ones or as an accent piece to give some flare to your furniture. We love Christmas pillows as they really put us in the happy Christmas season.

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5. Light the Christmas candles. We were able to get some amazing Christmas themed candles that smell like pumpkin spice and everything nice. They were red, white, and green, just like the generic Christmas colors. Christmas is not complete without some nice lit candles by the windows. Just be sure you light them safely in places where the children can’t get to them easily to avoid any Christmas holiday accidents.

red lighted candle
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6. Make a Christmas wreath. Christmas wreaths can be a really fun project to do with your kids. Christmas is not Christmas without some fun Christmas projects that bring out our adventurous creative sides. You can use natural sticks, pine tree pieces, fake berries, and fake leaves. Cinnamon sticks may be a nice compliment to your Christmas wreath as well because you can smell Christmas when you smell cinnamon (at least I do).

red and brown fruits wreath
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7. Set up the Christmas lights. We have multicolored Christmas lights that we pull out of storage each year. These were another lucky purchase from Kmart, and since the kids aren’t little anymore they rarely touch them or try to inadvertently break the Christmas lights. We string the Christmas lights in our living room and up our staircase. This brings a special Christmas feel to our home that fills us with love and joy. Remember, tidings of comfort and joy is the goal here.

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8. Make a Christmas dining room plate setup. When you decorate the table with the nice Christmas plates and cups, it makes it look extra festive for Christmas. Christmas time is a time to bring out all of your Christmas napkins, fancy cutlery and more! You can make the table look like it is ready for Christmas, even though Christmas isn’t quite here yet. Do you have fancy cups and plates that you use during Christmas?

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9. Bake Christmas cookies. You can always freeze them before Santa Claus comes, because we all know he’ll be so hungry delivering all those Christmas presents to all good girls and boys. Your local 99 cent store should have the cookie frames for you to cut out different cookies shapes like Christmas trees, Christmas stars, Christmas Santa Claus, and Christmas balls.

variety of assorted designed cookies
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top view of gingerbread cookies laid flat on a wooden table
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christmas tree shaped biscuits on plate
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How are you decorating your home for Christmas this year?

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