We have been waiting all year for this particular full moon night!  On this Tuesday, November 8th the new total lunar eclipse is out for the looking and it turns the entire moon a blood red color.  This blood red color evolves from the moon being directly in between the earth and the sun.  Some jokingly say that the blood moon lies perfectly near election day where major adjustments and change lie right beneath the surface.  But I see major election day advertisements via mail, email, text, television, late night shows, podcasts.  Well, that’s pretty much everywhere.

Every vote counts. And we can’t stop election day or the amazing, new total lunar eclipse.  If you are a nightly moon watcher like myself, you may see that the moon does already look semi-full. The dark night sky show the moon to be a pale yellow now, but in a few days the moon will be fully full and a reddish orange color.  The illumination of the full moon will be at it’s brightest in the early morning hours at around 1am PST or 4am EST. Make sure you bundle up if you venture outside to see this moon transform into a bloody beautiful ball of gaseous material.

Total Lunar Eclipse + the Blood, Freezing or Beaver Moon

This also marks the last total lunar eclipse for another 3 years. Along with the Blood Moon, we’ll need to head outside at night to catch a glimpse of what the Ojibwe people call the Freezing Moon.  It is also known in North America as the Beaver Moon.  This is because many beavers get ready for hibernation during this November in time for the cold late fall and early snowy winter months.  Side note: It has been cold at night here in Los Angeles and can dip in the 40’s if the circumstances are right.  That is nothing compared to our northern Alaska relatives that are already seeing below zero temperatures while they keep their huts cozy.

Full Moon Magic

Astrologer Yasmin Boland says that the total lunar eclipse ideal time to do a bit of Moon money magic, since the Full Moon will be in the sign of Taurus.  The total lunar eclipse in the sign of Taurus is associated with the rich planet of Venus.  Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, which means it may take a little longer to process happiness.

Change follows the full moon coming will the full moon. Remember, the month of November is in full Scorpio energy.  And Cosmopolitan says that change can be a little rocky, so they want you to be gentle with yourself this cold season.  It looks like Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius will feel change signficantly more than the other astrological signs.

Venus (Taurus Moon) is in this sign of November (Scorpio)

As you may already know, Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus.   Venus is one of our planets and has a bit of a back story from the Heavenly Bodies Astrology Deck. Venus is the sensual planet of love and beauty.  Its enery affects how you engage with the world around you – how you give and receive love, what you value and your perception of beauty. There’s natural joy, flow, and ease with Venus and it illuminates your talents and gifts and where you find pleasure.

Venus is the other side of the Moon’s receptive, feminine coin. Both reveal your needs in relationships, but Mother Moon is tribal, while Venus is an independent lover, embodied in myth by Aphrodite, a goddess desired by all and devoted only to self. Similarly, Venus reveals the people and relationships you’re drawn to, as reflections of your own self-worth. With Venus, you will explore self through the mirror of another.

Taurus Full Moon

The Heavenly Bodies Astrology Guidebook says that like Mother Nature herself, Taurus is grounded in the process of becoming. It understands that a goal and the pathway toward it are on and the same, moving through time with patient stability. It’s tempered like a flower and won’t be rushed, growing from seed to sprout to bud to blossom.

Taurus is one with the Earth and loves experiencing life through the senses. Being Venus-ruled it’s a lover of beauty valuinf everything from art to fine food to bodywork. It appreciates architecture and beautiful landscapes. It enjoys luxuries and accumulating things of value.  The shadow of this energy is, of course, being overly materialistic – lost in the superficial.  And even its eartiness can be problematic in excess because, like a flower’s path to bloom, being set in its way makes it stubborn. 

There’s no changing nature’s course. However, when balanced, Taurus is an optimal energy for any living thing because it’s wired to live by Mother Nature’s laws. It’s in flow with the rhythm of life, poised to thrive and enjoy what Earth has to offer. 

The full moon in Taurus signifies that energectically we are lovers of Beauty, Stability, Patience, and Trust. Taurus experiences life through the senses of accumulating things of value.  The dark shadow of Taurus is Materialistic and Stubborn. 

The Omen for the total lunar eclipse in Taurus from the Heavenly Bodies Astrology Guidebook says the following: Perhaps you’ve been feeling out of alignment or fearful? Be patient and trust in your process of becoming. Sink deeply into each moment, even if you find yourself in trying times. Feel your way into rach forward step, always asking yourself what aligns and what doesn’t. Your body is an instrument to connect to the wisdom of this moment, so honor your inner knowing through every sensory experience. Give your growth the gift of time – there’s no rush; the blossomed rose lives with the bud.

November Full Moon 4 Tarot Card Draw

I have pulled 4 Tarot Cards to represent the November Full Moon as follows:

  • AIR – Be open minded, ojective and open to learning new skills.
  • SQUARE – A challenging situation is ahead, so get ready to climb that mountain.
  • NEPTUNE – Be open to dreaming and transcend your obstacles.
  • CONJUNCTION – An unexpected coming together is ahead, get ready for a new union to merge.

Will you be charging your crystals at your windsill during this total lunar eclipse during the full Taurus moon?

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