As I run through my early 40’s I find that I just cannot eat whatever I want whenever I want anymore. It’s one of those sad truths of aging. Aging IS IN FACT a privilege, however when eating I need to make sure I am avoiding both gluten and dairy as much as possible. It seems that gluten, dairy and sugar are not my besties anymore. It started around my early’s to mid thirties when I started to realize that we are really what we eat. I knew I needed a change and experimented with many different fad diets to try and keep my waist slim AND keeping a positive outlook on life simultaneously.

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Many fad diets were not sustainable. The all juice diet left me wanting to eat more after than normal. Weight Watchers was annoying as there were limits to how much I could eat. I really hated Weight Watchers although many thrive on it, it just wasn’t for me. I was following Busy Phillips on Instagram and she started going on the Whole30 diet and was looking very becoming, and healthily slim. I gave it a shot and I had no idea how much sugar, dairy and gluten were really handicapping my moods.

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I gave the Whole30 a shot and lost 22 pounds in the first month. This led me to realize that I was allergic to dairy and sugar overtime and my diet was finally catching up on my age. I found that I needed to eliminate sugar, dairy and gluten so that I didn’t feel sluggish. I found these Birch Benders pancake mix during my health nut phase and found that eggs could be my issue too.

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I was watching NBC’s Today Show (my favorite guilty pleasure) and noticed that egg free living was a thing for both vegans and those that are allergic to them as well. They talked about 8 different substitutes for eggs when baking below that I think you will absolutely ADORE. I just made some paleo pancakes myself with Birch Benders brand pancake mix and mashed bananas with a splash of almond milk instead of water and OH BOY they turned out great. Here are 8 eggs substitutes when you are baking and need to avoid eggs:

  1. coconut yogurt
  2. applesauce
  3. pumpkin puree
  4. mashed banana
  5. tapioca powder
  6. finely ground flaxseed and water mix for gelatinous texture
  7. silken tofu
  8. vegan yogurt

What kind of baking are you getting into today?

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