Lily Ashwell wrote and illustrated her own tarot card guidebook and tarot cards. This set gave me inspiration to share 4 Tarot Cards with you to help guide you today. I bought this set on Shop Abierto out of Malibu in southern California. If you live nearby, I highly recommend going to the physical store as the owner is super sweet and caring. She sells sustainable clothing and has candles, spices, and jewelry that are also on the website too. As they say those that wander are never lost!

I wandered in and now I will pull 4 Tarot Cards for today’s reading. It has been a little rainy and cloudy with slight sun peaks here and there.

The Cancer card is the first Tarot Card that yields nuture, comfort and protection. What makes you feel safe and cared for? Journey inward and listen to your needs, as you would a child you love very much. Free-write in your journal, giving voice to your child within. Deeper than wants and wishes, at the root of the root, what is it you cry for? Where are you feeling empty, scared, powerless or deprived? Consider ways to nuture and provide for you inner child and develop a focused, daily self-care practice. Becoming your own mother means becoming your own healer.

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The second card is House Four which yields cultural and family root focus on home that is full of peace and comfort. Where is your little pocket in the world, where you feel safe and secure? Connect with your soul home in the coming days and let your roots grow. Look upon it as a living, breathing being and visit, like an old friend. If it’s outdoors, connect with its essence by walking barefoot on its Earth. Now is also a time to nurture your tribe. Consider the people whose mere existence helps you feel at home in this world. If possible, spend quality time with your humans – share, listen, and connect. Practice presence in these interactions, whether it’s with a beloved place or person. Allow these connections to become a part of you and cultivate a sense of home within.

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The third card today is House Nine that promotes spiritual health. Open your mind to new ways of being and seeing. Yes, this is a powerful time for foreign travel, but expanding your mind can be equally profound. Journey through the pages of a book and explore a new way of thinking. Learn about a different culture, spiritual practice or belief system. With a curious spirit and open mind, seek adventure on the physical or mental plane. Allow these experiences to sink into the core of your being, let them stretch and shift your perspective. This can become a time of profound awakening, if you allow the lens through which you experience life to change and expand.

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The final fourth card today is Yang that radiates pro-activity, expression, doing and forward motion. Venture into the light of day, speak your truth and be seen. Now is a time to engage with the world: begin a project, take that leap of faith, share your ideas. Birth your inner world into waking life. You have angelic support in manifesting the life of your dreams. As long term practice, consider your balance between Yin and Yang (your spiritual life and your physical life). Both vital energies ebb and flow within, as two sides of creation – do you feel a harmonious balance?

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