Being a human these days is tough. Ain’t nothing going on but the rent, just as the 90’s music group Blackstreet said. Bottling up resentments is toxic and easy to do when you are alone and unhappy. There are different coping skills that I have learned from group therapy that really help me change up my mindset.

My anger shows up with most anything that isn’t going to the way I want it to go. It could be anything and everything from bad politics to the corrupt health system, we are all stuck in our own minds and can make the decision to change our thoughts. As we know thoughts create things, and being mindful of your time is key.

We are all in need of some good help sometimes. When outside help is not readily available, we have to look inside of ourselves to cope with our anger.

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Here are 20 easy coping skills to help you keep your cool:

  • Squeeze a squishy ball
  • Hug yourself
  • Lay your head on a soft pillow and close your eyes for a minute
  • Sit on the floor indian style and be still with no thoughts
  • Watch your favorite comedian
  • Collect rocks on the beach and paint them
  • Name 5 types of shapes, flowers, baseball teams, or any category of people, places or things that have something in common
  • Clench each part of your body for 10 seconds then release it, I start with my toes
  • Play the ABC game with animals, for example a is for aardvark, b is for beluga, c is for cougar, etc. etc.
  • Pretend you melted yourself into a puddle
  • Tell yourself that you are the best
  • Use positive self-talk to be tour own cheerleader
  • Speak to yourself as your own best friend
  • Collect feathers
  • Organize your closet
  • Hug yourself and mean it
  • Hop on one leg
  • Wink at yourself in the mirror
  • Take a hot shower
  • Wear a facial mask
  • Try a new hairstyle
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What coping skills do you use to help keep your cool when in an argument or uncomfortable situation?

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