This is what you’ve been waiting for YOU NEW YORKER, YOU. Or not. You could have been spider webbed while searching internet and your eyeballs happen to be blessed by this article.

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  • Fugazi! TRANSLATION = False.
  • That’s a spicy meatball. TRANSLATION = That’s a spicy meatball.
  • Bada bing, we’re back. TRANSLATION = We’re here after waiting 3 hours in traffic during rush hour.
  • What’s a matter with you? TRANSLATION = Something is really wrong with what you just said.
  • You have a screw loose. TRANSLATION = You lost your mind or what are you talking about?
  • We gotta whole lot of that. TRANSLATION = We may have to order that. We’re all out.
  • You want extra cheese on that slice. TRANSLATION = How dare you skimp the cheese like that.
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  • New York is nicknamed the Big Apple. Take a bite. TRANSLATION = If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.
  • We wonder what we will do on hot summer days and then we ponder Long Beach, Montauk, or the Hamptons for weekend getaways.
  • Waiting for the Long Island Railroad is a horse race that also smells like steaming horse shit. TRANSLATION = Avoid New York trains in the summer if possible. Stick with the cabs.
  • New Yorker’s visit the statue of liberty only on a need be basis. They frown upon it at some point, some sooner than others and we give it a proper salute.
  • The Italian salute is actually popping the middle behind your back.
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  • When did you make those garlic knots? TRANSLATION = Never question an Italian’s garlic knots. It is so insulting that now you were just served an old garlic knot.
  • You’ve seen Broadway shows but you forget what happened because the tickets center in times square always wonder if you really got a fair deal on the ticket price.
  • That really chaps my ass. TRANSLATION = THAT BOTHERS ME.
  • You take a ferry ride Hoboken and you feel like you failed everybody because you had to leave New York. You take a bus ride out of Grand Central Station and you failed everybody because you had to leave New York.
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  • You order a bagel with lox then you go into mourning because you don’t know if the last one you’ll ever have and you dont know if you could ever leave New York.
  • You go to the Boathouse and you realize that New York is on the water and you get that realization that you could have visited that every Friday. Then you go into mourning.
  • You go to central park and then you wonder you’ll have to fight for your life or fight for that that last churro at a questionable side vendor.
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  • You go up the stairs to the New York library and then you realize that you’re out of breath and then you never make it into the library but you say you visited it.
  • Then you go in and you realize it is a fucking castle and you want kick your own ass. But then you follow the wind to LA and realize you never want to go back. ZING!

What other New Yorker’s lingo am I missing?

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