I was fortunate enough to be able to test drive an all womens Korean Spa near my home this year. At first I was very scared to try it. A Korean friend described it as an abrasive dead skin scrub removal, where you are completely naked and doused in hot water on a wet slab. You are aggressively scrubbed by an elder Korean woman in a bra and underwear whose goal is to scrub your skin off.  This sounded like a mixture of a horror movie and an international sorority that I’ve never had the opportunity to join.

I was intrigued yet terrified. How could this be a pleasant spa experience?  Why would people sign up for this? Wouldn’t a regular daily loofah and moisturizing body wash in the shower do the trick? Was this treatment really necessary?

My mom always used to say at least try something once, and if you like it, great. If you hate it, you can pass next time.

I decided to give it a shot.

I nervously booked a Korean Scrub appointment online. In today’s times, every local small business takes your temperature before going inside and sometimes requires proof of vaccination cards too. In this case, the Korean Spa was no different. My new adventure led me into signing a COVID waiver, took my temperature as I entered to make sure I didn’t have a fever, and pulled my vaccination records to make sure I was safe to be around others.

As I was cleared ready to enter the big brown ornate wooden doors into my new destiny, I was given a Swatch watch looking bracelet with a number on it that opened my own personal locker. I undressed fully, and put on a soft and comfy white checkered robe that covered my body as I made my way to the shower. I took a full shower and then walked into a hot steam pool, waiting for my lady to come out and call my number.

She lead me to the warm and wet slab. She doused me in hot water 5 times. Then she began rubbing cream all over my body. She put on her small blue Korean spa mitts and started exfoliating process on my feet. It tickles them and I slowly pulled back. And off the dead skin went. Here were the main benefits:

1. Glass skin. My skin was looking bright,shiny and new. It shined like the top of the Chrysler building. Okay, that was a bad 80s Annie reference.

2. It helped clear out all of the impurities that have built up over the years in my lymphatic system. My body felt free and clear of years of build up and blockages post scrub a dub dub.

4. Allows your skin to breath more easilly with newly open post scrub skin pores, which brings your skins natural ability to sweat out toxins and waste and absorb nutrients more easily. They also give you a pair of Korean Spa Scrub mitts to make it even easier to maintain your glow post scrub.

3. High and dry skin, BEGONE. Being mainly of Scottish decent, my skin can become very dry and patchy with the dry desert heat sun here in sunny California. This can make my skin look dull, ashy and unmoisturized. Moisturizing daily is just not enough. The extra moisturizing cream can sometimes have the reverse effect where my skin becomes even drier than before I apply it. I use Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter now. I stopped taking really hot steam showers. The good news is that the Korean spa scrub removes dead skin and impurities off, to make way for newly bright, glowing skin.

5. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, the all-natural Korean Spa Scrub helps improve clogged pores minimizing this frequent skin susceptibility due to shaving and tight clothing.

Have you tried an all-natural Korean Spa Scrub?

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