This article was created for entertainment purposes only. If you want medical advice, call a doctor. If you are feeling ill, seek medical attention. We are mere humans on a quest to stay healthy and live our best lives. Get with the program, people.

The summer virus is raging like wild fire in LA. Everyone in my close personal network as fallen ill to the new strain of flu from the pandemic viral stragglers of 2020.

With that, here are some comforting supplies I used to keep my high temperature down.

1. 40+ Vitamins – This is 40. My body is changing. I am perimenopausal. My family inspired me to build the life I have always dreamed of. I need a multivitamin that is in sync with my body’s specifclic needs. My husband ordered them for me for my 41st birthday this year to help give me that extra pep in my step.

2. Isopropyl Alcohol 91% – This now comes in clutch in spray bottle form, which helped keep my temperature down. I simply sprayed isopropyl alcohol 91% on my hand, closed my eyes, and swiped it on my forehead to keep my temperature down.

3. Vicks Vapor Rub – After the isopropyl alcohol spritz on my forehead, I rubbed Vicks Vapor Rub on top of it which caused a ricochet of eucalyptus goodness that helped me breath easier as my head congestion got worse.

4. Running a Hot Shower, Without Getting in it – I didn’t have the strength to sweat out the summer flu virus with a shower, but I did want to improve the dry air quality in my home. I don’t like humidifiers as I have personally found that they grow mold easily, making it hard to detect until it’s too late and symptoms worsen. Instead I run a hot shower with the bathroom door open for 10 minutes on the hour, to make the air quality more mosit and comfortable for easy breathing.

5. Drinking Plenty of Cold Water + Cold Apple Juice – I had to start drinking a vast amount of water on the hour to rid myself of the summer virus. Two small water bottles an hour to be exact! And a about 3 cups of apple juice a day to get me back up to speed with some pep in my step.

6. Spicy Jalapeno Progresso Soup – I like that spice. Losing my smell and taste for food was incredibly interesting to say the least. Progresso soup to the rescue. Mexico + Italy = Spicy Jalapeno Progresso Soup.

7. Vitamin C at Night Time – My husband taught me this little trick and it seems to work well for me. With a tall glass of water, I swallow this little yellow Vitamin C pill right before bed time. If I am feeling like I may be getting sick, sometimes moms go wild and take 2.

8. Washcloth Wipe on Palms + Feet – This supposedly wipes off any bacteria and somehow lowers peoples temperatures. I am not a scientist, but I do find that when it works, it works.

Have you gotten the wild fire summer sickness yet?

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