The weekdays are always a wash. I stay head down grinding out work, plans, and family. A majority of my life is at the office. Therefore the weekends are there to do whatever I need to do to spark creativity, relaxation, and a zen-like mindset. There are many things that help me do less, but get more. The are mainly simple things that make me feel zen and can be habitually implemented into my daily life to help give me more me mindful time.

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As a mom, I have always felt like taking time out for myself was selfish and made me feel uncomfortable even thinking about it. I needed to break free and spend time with me. That’s what other mothers taught me. Dedicating yourself solely to your kids, work and family, and working obsessively until you die is not a healthy way to live. This is not satisfactory and can lead to burn out, mood swings, making it a not so great way to make the best out of your life. Being able to narrow down simple habits that keep me present, can be meaningful and complementary to me living my best life.

Here are some simple ways for me to do less but get more – AT THE SAME TIME. Who would have thought this would be possible? NOT ME. That’s for sure. The reality is helping myself by slowing down can really build my self -esteem, give me a sound mind, and allow myself to just be me. And just be.

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Here are some zen habits that are not too strenuous that can be relaxing and refreshing any day of the week.

  • Lathering on your favorite lotion. It sounds really simple. But there are many benefits. Having great smelling lotions with either eucalyptus or lavender is a really relaxing way to take a 5 minute break to pamper yourself and make you feel refreshed and relaxed.
  • Lighting your favorite candles. There’s something to be said about watching a flame. It’s mesmerizing. Candles really set the mood for zen relaxation. Just make sure you don’t leave them lit for so long that you fall asleep. Set a timer ahead of time to remind you to blow them out.
  • Pluck and trim your eyebrows. This one is great for men AND women. Natural grooming habits help us feel fresh and clean cut. It helps us freshen up our appearance and somehow makes me feel productive.
  • Cut your nails. This is something that is a definite 3-4 times a month thing that needs to be done. This is another natural grooming habit that makes me feel human again.
  • Get a hair cut. I love going out after a hair cut and blow out. It makes me feel confident and productive.
  • Take a bike ride. Bike rides are so relaxing on a warm spring day. I love exploring in my neighborhood. Sometimes we bring the bikes to the beach and ride around. It is fun to stream music on your phone and smell the ocean waves as the sun shines down on your face.
  • Meditate under a tree. Sometimes I forget that doing nothing is SOMETHING. Taking 5 to 10 minutes out and sitting or laying under a tree can change up your mindset and help you restart your day.
  • Cloud watching. Watching the clouds and finding shapes in them are one of the best lazy day activities you can do for yourself. It allows you to unwind and use your mind to create new shapes and patterns that make you think differently.
  • Express yourself through paint. Painting a wall, creating a canvas masterpiece, coloring rocks; these are all fun ways to decorate your home, and also give you a more healthy living space that hold innovative spaces for you to dream and just be.
  • Journal. If you haven’t been writing more recently and feel like you have nothing to write about, try jounral prompts. These are simple topics to help you come up with a story that pulls you into a new frame of expressive inspiration. I always feel good after writing down my thoughts, hopes, and stories.
  • Invest in a heated massage chair or pad. These are the best way to get a quick massage to relax tension and worry.
  • Watch the trees on a windy day. For some reason, this is the most relaxing thing for me to do these days. I am lucky to have many trees in my backyard that have many hanging, weeping branches that sway back and forth in the wind. It is very calming to watch, and instantly gives my mind a quick break.
  • Picking wild flowers. We have a set of honeysuckle tree triplets that blossom in the springtime and smell so good.
  • Hang wind chimes. I love the random sound of chimes.
  • Invest in succulents. Then add a few in every room. They really bring a sense of new life and grace to the home.
  • Star gazing and moon watching. Knowing the cycles of the moon and what star constellations are in your skies at night can make a normal night more exciting. Investing in a telescope can also be a fun hobby to pursue, and can being very relaxing too.

What zen-like habits do you have that make you feel brand new?

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