Harrison Ford is known as one of the most famous star-studded actors of all time. Gaining headway as some of the most powerful action heroes in billion dollar franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, he has seen his fair share of challenging roles that show his debonair style and grace. Known by many as the intelligent and noble, distinguished gentleman, Ford shows us that although his roles are all very different, he remains a victor with a lionheart.

WOWSER, it’s time for our TOP TEN ranked Harrison Ford movies and we’d love your feedback on your favorites once you review the list. Revel in these magnificent films that make up a solid compilation of Harrison Fords best below.

10. Star Wars (1977)

Harrison Ford beat out some of acting’s greatest movie stars for the epic role of Han Solo in the worldwide blockbuster and space-opera, Star Wars. George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise, auditioned many stars for the role, which included Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Murray, Kurt Russell, Steve Martin, Burt Reynolds, and Chevy Chase. However, Harrison Ford’s detailed and spot on performance won him the chance of a lifetime to star in not only Star Wars, but many of the additional franchises films ahead. This was produced, directed and co-written by J. J. Abrams. And lives on forever in the cinematic universe.

Han Solo was the ego-centric anti-hero at first. A bootlegger and close comrade of the infamous Chewbacca, this member of the Rebel Alliance has had his share of flaws. Self-absorbed, this complex character launched Harrison Ford into stardom. Even though Han Solo had his flaws, he demonstrated his bravery and courage in the war against the Galactic Empire. Although later on Han Solo is killed and backstabbed by his own son with Princess Leia, he is known as one of the all-time heroes in film.

9. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

A film nominated for Best Picture by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) and directed by the one-and-only Steven Spielberg, was Harrison Fords iconic role that launched him into movie stardom. When the story comes from the legends known as George Lucas and Philip Kaufman, you know it’s going to be a winning script. Known as one of the greatest films of all time by Barstool Sports, The Guardian, and Roger Ebert and the first baby of the entire Indiana Jones franchise, the film won five Academy Awards, seven Saturn Awards, and one BAFTA.

8. Return of the Jedi (1983)

Another stellar performance by Harrison Ford in this globally recognized Star Wars franchise of films, the Return of the Jedi introduced us to the primitive and mythological creatures known as the Ewoks. Standing only a meter in height, these supportive and loving creatures helped defend the Rebels in the war of the galactic universe. The third and ending of the films franchise upset fans with it’s ending but forever lives on for Star Wars fans worldwide.

7. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

This is BY FAR my favorite film of the Raiders of the Lost Ark trilogy as Harrison Ford is more ripped than ever as this adventurer takes on the quest of finding his next archaeological treasure to steal from the evil-doers. This film shows the infamous rock fight that shows Ford saving his new found love while taking care of the nomad child too. SWOON.

6. Working Girl (1988)

Harrison Ford does it again when he stars as a male boss in the 80’s trying to help those female workers beat sexism in the office. A romantic comedy co-starring Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver, this role showed the softer side of Harrison Ford and all he would be willing do for love.

5. Patriot Games (1992)

A novel written in 1987 by Tom Clancy and made into a hit film directed by Phillip Noyce, this CIA based film shows Harrison Ford as the main character that ends up retiring from the secret government run agency and working as a history professor. His family becomes witness to a terrorist kidnapping, which turns their family upside down as they fight this criminal organization to help find those kidnapped and return back to their normal lives.

4. The Fugitive (1993)

Harrison Ford plays a husband that is framed for the killing of his wife, and is constantly on the run from the CIA, FBI and police to try and hunt him down to charge him with murder. As the film unravels it seems as though Harrison may be innocent, but as he stays on the run from the police the audience is left to make that decision on whether or not he IS innocent. I loved this movie as Harrison Ford pulled together many disguises as he is on the run from the United States government authorities. Tommy Lee Jones plays an FBI agent and wins a Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film. This is a nail-biter must-see if you haven’t watched it 10 times already like me.

3. Air Force One (1997)

Harrison Ford plays the brave and courageous president of the United States. Unlike the movie Snakes on a Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ford as president tries to get the terrorists off of his plane verses the snakes in Jackson’s case. But can he get those mother #$%@^*(@ snakes, I mean terrorists off the plane. My vote is yes, I won’t spoil this one for you as it does show Harrison Ford as the valiant hero we’ve all been waiting for through a compilation of hard hits to the president. You’ll love it.

2. The Force Awakens (2015)

SPOILER ALERT: Harrison Ford dies in this Star Wars Trilogy. He did ask George Lucas to kill him off in the third trilogy, but it seemed like that never panned out.

1. The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Here we go again. Harrison Ford is immortalized in this Star Wars franchise film series again that the First Order continues to cause severe damage and destructive to the universe as Emperor Palpatine rises from the dead and challenges the newly formed Jedi named Rey.

Which Harrison Ford movie is your favorite? Did we miss some great Harrison Ford movies on this list?

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