Would you rather is the game of chance and miracles that tells us all the kind of people we are by answering questions that have an either or definite. Neither can never be an answer and you cannot pass on any question. An answer always must be given, no matter what.

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Here is the official Christmas Would You Rather Game that you can play with family and friends as the long day rolls out. Merry Christmas!

  1. Would you rather sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas at your worst enemies house or have a naked elf picture of yourself float around the internet infinitely?
  2. Would you rather get a huge Christmas gift or a ton of small ones?
  3. Would you rather eat candy canes for a day or Hershey’s chocolate’s?
  4. Would you rather ride on Santa’s sleigh or ride on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?
  5. Would you rather receive new underwear for Christmas or receive new socks for Christmas?
  6. Would you rather work at the mall during the Christmas season or work at a restaurant for the Christmas season?
  7. Would you rather wrap presents at the mall or dress up as Santa while working in the mall?
  8. Would you rather sleep at The Grinch’s house or sleep at Jack Kellington’s house from the Nightmare Before Christmas?
  9. Would you rather pick up 100 pounds of used wrapping paper or 100 pounds of tinsel?
  10. Would you rather be best friends with Mrs. Clause or Mr. Claus?
  11. Would you rather make your own Christmas presents or sail on a boat to China to get your Christmas presents?
  12. Would you rather have a Christmas tree without lights or lights all over your house with no Christmas tree?
  13. Would you rather go to the North Pole for Christmas or New York City for Christmas?
  14. Would you rather live in a Christmas tree in Seattle or an igloo in Miami?
  15. Would you rather eat fruitcake for a week or eat gingerbread houses for a week?
  16. Would you rather watch the Nutcracker or be the designated actual nut cracker on Christmas Day?
  17. Would you rather be gifted a monthly steak subscription or a monthly wine subscription for Christmas?
  18. Would you rather wrap 100 gifts or chop down 25 trees on Christmas Day?
  19. Would you rather burn the pie during Christmas or burn the ham?
  20. Would you rather collect 20 pine cones or 100 sticks on Christmas day to keep the Yule log in your fireplace going?

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