There is a spiritual experience that sparks our creativity on the exciting New Moon. Self-care is key in redesigning our lives to be the best we can be.

In order to honor change with the New Moon, we have to be honest with ourselves by asking ourselves the following questions:

  • Are we aligned with our authentic purpose?
  • Are there any new habits we can start to help us work towards our highest good?
  • Are we listening to our inner most voice to guide us towards the best path for us?
  • Are we happy with our spiritual path now? Why not?
  • Are we serving our souls purpose in our daily thoughts and actions?
  • What are our deepest dreams and desires?

The New Moon brings transition from old patterns to new routines. The New Moon yields a brand new energy to help us kick start new beginnings. We have new opportunities to embrace our true purpose that will assist us in aligning with our highest selves.

In the real world we all know that change is constant and clarity is imminent. Life happens. Things get difficult. Living gets hard. No matter what, we need to be approachable and accessible to forward movement. We need to be prepared for the hard times. So when the New Moon arrives, we want to set this positive change in motion by getting some physical and spiritual rituals into play.

The New Moon arrives to help manifest clear appropriate goals that align with our unique and highest purpose. Awareness is the best blessing we can get from the New Moon, as it spearheads our growth. Keep in mind that growth means change and it can be uncomfortable at times.

REMEMBER: This New Moon is a time of metamorphosis, and like a butterfly, changing has it’s tough times. Soothing the pain in times of change with new moon rituals can help us set clear intentions and man up.

Here are seven New Moon rituals we can review and test drive, to help you enjoy this experience by honoring ourselves and our intentions.

  1. NEW MOON BATH – There is nothing as relaxing as a New Moon bath. A new hot or warm bath can be refreshing and cleansing for your mind, body and soul. Here are some ideas to add to your bath to further your New Moon bathing experience.
  • Candles – Light candles and place them at the foot of your bath to admire as you soak in the New Moon energy.
  • Bath Salts – A quarter to a half cup of Epson, Pink or Himalyan salts can help draw out any impurities on our skin. It can help heal any cuts you may have too.
  • Flower Petals – Any flower petals will do! We have pink roses outside of our house and grabbing a handful to place inside the bath makes it look pretty and smell even better.
  • Essential Oils – Lavender is impersonal favorite, but if you have Mint, Bergamot, Orange, and Lemon essential oil that will work too. The goal is to be as relaxed as possible, and Eucalyptus oil also is a good option.
  • Crystals – Adding crystals to the sides of the bath tub help me engage in the healing properties of stones like quartz, agate, onyx, amethyst, and opals.

2. NEW MOON MEDITATION – Meditating is a segue to enlightenment. Meditation can be sitting on a yoga mat outside. Walking on a midnight stroll can also be a form of meditation. Listening to relaxing jazz music can be a form of meditation. Sound baths are available on video if you cannot join a class nearby. Praying is a form of meditation, and silence is a form of meditation. Calming the noise of the mind helps tell us what we need to fill the gaps we may accumulate.

3. NEW MOON GRATEFUL LIST – Appreciating what we have is key. Some create morning grateful lists. I enjoy creating a top 5 every morning. This aligns me with an attitude of gratitude right off the bat. Worrying or being agitated is between mybtwonears. This is not a guide to being a zen master, it’s about appreciating the little things that we may glance over or overlook.

4. NEW MOON GUIDES – The universe always has our back even though we may think we are alone. In order to launch our day in the right direction, we need to communicate our troubles to our universal guides. Our universal guides help us facilitate miracles during the New Moon. They direct us throughout our lives. Getting in touch with them through setting intentions will help us get on the right path.

5. NEW MOON WORRY LIST – Creating a list of our worries, fears or shame can help us reunite with our spirituality and takes the weight of the world off my shoulders. God is god. He carries the burdens of the world. Organizing our worries, fears or shame and categorizing it by things we can change and things we cannot helps us restart our day. It reminds us to focus on things things we can change, some can then do our due diligence.

6. NEW MOON JOURNALING – Being honest with ourselves is key to being healthy. Writing it down when we don’t feel comfortable about telling others helps us get it out on paper. Buying a journal and getting out our truths out helps us clear our busy minds. Expressing our feelings on paper helps us lift our burdens and give them a new take on our improved direction. Some journal prompts include I am releasing…, I am letting go of…, I am going to live fully by…

7. NEW MOON CLEANSE – This is not just a spiritual cleanse, this is a cleaning spaces cleanse too! Cleaning our spaces by doing laundry, vacuuming, washing the windows, cleaning the mirrors, bleaching the bathrooms, washing the floors, spraying the doorknobs with alcohol, cleaning the table tops, power washing the house, sweeping the outdoors, cleaning the counters, and washing the dishes are all great starts. Once the house is clean you can sage it by opening windows and lighting sage, running it in counterclockwise circles. Fresh air also helps as indoor air is dirtier than the outdoor air in most cases. Cleaning our home helps to clear the clutter of our mind.

What New Moon rituals do you have and what are you thankful for today?

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