Congratulations! If you are reading this now you have made it to the last new moon of the year! This December has us in the last New Moon of the year in the sign of the brave and fierce Sagittarius. I have broken out the 3 different parts of the new moon this December and noted the important parts of the new moon, the sign of Sagittarius and the solar eclipse that is all happening today to help us manifest our best selves! After I publish this article, I am hopping in a salt bath and lighting some candles to set my intentions for the remainder of the year and the new year to come! Enjoy!


  1. Positive messages from spirit for next steps, and we have been full of confusion and upset about our physical reality.
  2. Frustration and arguments ensue while we adjust to the new stage of beginnings that we can work in tandem with God.
  3. New moon cycles brings about our childlike innocence that speaks to our curiosity and unpredictability.
  4. The new moon is a great time to write down our affirmations and intentions for the new year to come.
  5. The new moon will allow us to live our lives more fully, reflecting on people, places and things that have more tune into God’s truth and gives us a healthier way to proceed.
  6. The new moon is a great time to take a moon bath and reflect on the new paths in your lives that you want to head on.
  7. Lighting a candle while setting an intention is a great way to celebrate a new moon.


  1. New moon and south node are in the main mode as it’s where the sun, moon and earth all align for the solar eclipse.
  2. Solar eclipses begin a new fresh energy and signify new starts.
  3. We are becoming more connected to the universe and more awakened to a higher level of spiritualism.
  4. The moon becomes in between the sun and the earth in a solar eclipse.
  5. The moon essentially blocks the sun in our solar eclipse.
  6. Winds can slow and change direction more often during solar eclipses.
  7. Solar eclipses note a new joyous time to spark new beginnings and exciting new adventures.
  8. Solar eclipses tend to make us tired. You may sleep more than usual, and naps are A-okay while the solar eclipse comes to life.
  9. Solar eclipses can note bursts of creative energy that keeps us motivated and inspired.


  1. Sagittarius is all about our belief systems and religious organizations.
  2. Sagittarius is abundant, majestic and empowering about our world.
  3. The Sagittarius sign embraces those that are smart, assertive and passionate, while also caring and intellectual.
  4. Sagittarius spearheads initiating and brainstorming our future creative endeavors.
  5. Sagittarius is connected to the angels, higher realms and the universe.
  6. Sagittarius is about finding new experiences and new hobbies that bring our highest good.
  7. The sign of Sagittarius notes the need to explore and change the status quo.


  1. We have the ability to manifest new and better chapters.
  2. We have to understand our old beliefs and come up with the new, better beliefs.
  3. We have the ability to create our own lives and surround ourselves with those that motivate us and see the best in us.

What new intentions and new beginnings are you hoping for on this new moon?

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