Our values make us who we are, as do our actions. If we hike everyday, we are a hiker. If we fish everyday, we are a fisherman. If we hunt everyday, we are a hunter. If we dance everyday, we are a dancer.

Our values determine our lives, which in turn determine our priorities. When we define our priorities, we can then discover our life purpose. What we do makes us who we are, so who are you?

More lately I am feeling stagnant. I am not into my career, and want to build it into something better and more meaningful to me. I can empower myself by realizing that I am the creator of my own life. I am what I do. I am in control of my daily life and prioritizing what I need to do to get me to who I want to be is critical to my growth. I realize that sometimes I need to change things up by flipping things around. Sometimes I have to look backwards to move forward. Sometimes I will be stagnant. Sometimes I will be motivated. Sometimes I will run flat, no matter what the next task at hand may be.

In order to determine my life’s purpose, I need to fully define my values. Here are some questions I have asked myself more recently that can help me move forward in a meaningful way.

  1. How do I want to identify, and why? What can I do to create this identity?
  2. Before I die, what do I want to accomplish?
  3. Who energizes and inspires me, and why?
  4. What’s one thing I have always wanted to do?
  5. If I could spend one day doing something exciting and fun, what would that invigorating day look like?
  6. Where would I want to travel?
  7. What are my dreams? Why haven’t I pursued them to this point?
  8. What things in my life do I want to purge or get rid of? Why?
  9. Who is one of my biggest supporters? And why?
  10. What and who gets in the way of accomplishing my goals?

When I look at my answers, I will gain the keys to my kingdom. With these answers, I can map out a plan or a battle of action. I will better understand what I need to do to fully accomplish my goals, and I can live my fullest life. Defining my values will help me lead the life I want to lead, and will bring me to realize my full potential.

What are your values? How has this determined your life’s purpose?

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