I have decided that I will not be shopping this Black Friday. I see all of the major news outlets are telling to get out and spend our money, then in the same segment telling us that there is a South African variant of the COVID virus running around that we should be scared of too. Does this mean that they will be giving us further vaccinations that aren’t approved by the American FDA?

I am saving my money this holiday shopping season as who knows what tricks are yet to come from our media outlets. If I do go shopping, I will try and support my local businesses rather than big box conglomerates like Walmart who are giving applications for food stamps with the same applications for them to work there when they made a third of a trillion dollars last year.

This form of slavery is not sustainable and many are seeing through the smoking mirrors. I for one and making sure I spend my money at places that further sustain our country. I am making an effort to go to my local farms for vegetables. I make an effort to not buy things I do not need, like new jewelry, clothes or things that I have already that are in good shape. Buying in excess is another epidemic in America and staying happy with what we already have helps me be appreciative of the hard work I have done to be able to afford those things in the first place.

I discovered that it makes me feel really good when I donate my clothes, shoes, and accessories to GoodWill. I feel really good when I donate extra food in my house that may be going unused to the local homeless people that live in tents near our neighborhood, because I would want to be treated with dignity too. I also donate to my local food banks as well if I have extra canned goods that I can donate. Giving back to others less fortunate then I this holiday season is a priority for me, not buying another zombie screen that will help me check out of reality.

I hope this wasn’t a Scrooge post, but I want others to think before they spend as we don’t know where this pandemic is headed still and taking good responsible care of our financials should be priority number one. There are many things you can do that don’t cost a thing, like hiking, walking, painting, drawing, writing and exercising. Save your money and try to spend the least amount of money possible in gifts this year. You’ll see a big improvement in your overall financial picture and you save your pennies for a rainy day.

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