The day after Thanksgiving is always a wash. This Thanksgiving we went away, coming back on the infamous Black Friday. Surprisingly, we didn’t hit much traffic on the way home. Mainly because I assume everyone both ate and drank a wee bit too much. Luckily we are sober this holiday season to test our will power and see how long we can keep the sober challenge rolling through the new year. The one who loses gets to do the laundry for a year.

In the meantime, after a long drive home we definitely DID NOT want to cook. We wanted to take care of food prior to getting back home to a disaster area. This means eating out at our favorite Indian food restaurant off of Venice Blvd called Mayura. It is southern Indian food and vegetarian for the most pickiest eaters out there. It is delicious and we highly recommend a visit if you ever get to the Culver City area.

After we took care of business at the restaurant, which including eating butter chicken, basmati rice and some delicious cooked naan, we were off to head home. On the way back home we realized we needed a few grocery items, so we picked up some new milk, vegetables and poultry for the week. This was all before 12 o’clock in the afternoon, so we beat the rush.

As we drove home, we were happy to see that we only used a quarter of a tank of gas after filling it up outside of LA where gas prices have hit all time highs this holiday season. I heard over 50,000 people are living in their cars in LA too, which has driven most folks out of town during the pandemic.

Here were 10 things we did when we got back home from Thanksgiving vacation.

  1. We swept all the leaves in the front of the house.
  2. We swept all the leaves in the back of the house.
  3. We vacuumed the entire house as the painters came while we were gone to paint the kitchen and the bathroom before the holiday season come December.
  4. We took out our Christmas decorations and got them all up. This included the lights, our Christmas tree, and the ornaments involved as well.
  5. We hung up the Merry Christmas sign on our front door.
  6. We changed all the sheets and pillow cases for the week ahead.
  7. We cleaned some of the dirty parts of the walls off with rubber gloves, a little soap and water, and a sponge that we threw out immediately after.
  8. We sorted the mail and recycled what we didn’t want or need. Anything that we didn’t need to take action on was thrown into the recycling bin.
  9. We sprayed rubbing alcohol on the door knobs as precautionary measures to not spread flu germs in the house, if either us or the painters brought it in we wanted to make sure we’d get it out.
  10. We loaded and ran the dishwasher as we forgot to run it before we left. Eeeeek! Hopefully they come out nice or we’ll have to run it twice.

That’s all, but it’s been quite the day!

What do you have to get done this long holiday weekend?

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