6 Benefits of Playing Video Games | Leverage Ambition

Every year, gaming becomes more popular with children and adults alike. Some play for fun, some play competitively. We know that video games can be super addictive. Today almost two thirds of the US population plays video games. They were introduced in the 70's as a source of entertainment for all. You can readily find … Continue reading 6 Benefits of Playing Video Games | Leverage Ambition

What’s Your Video Game Name?

We are all gamers. The kids are playing Talking Tom. The teenagers are playing Angry Teacher 3D. The millennials are playing Animal Crossing. The parents are playing World of Warcraft. The grandparents are playing Solitaire. There is a big problem though! They do not have a video game name that suits them. Wack attack! Perfect … Continue reading What’s Your Video Game Name?

Video Game Revenue in 2019

Newzoo reports data from Q1 to Q3 in 2019 for the public video companies below: Tencent - $15.2b Sony - $9.4b Apple - $7.7b Microsoft - $6.4b Google - $5.4b NetEase - $5.1b Activision Blizzard - $4.1b EA - $3.8b Nintendo - $2.8b Bandai Namco - $2.4b Take-Two Interactive - $1.9b Nexon - $1.9b Ubisoft … Continue reading Video Game Revenue in 2019