When you cast a spell you need to practice your instruments and make your creative art love spell.

First, cast a love spell to love yourself first. Any missing parts should be filled by you essentially before you can find someone else. Anything that you as a child or adult that you didn’t get, you fill the voids by either writing yourself a letter to your younger or older self or join a support group that works best for you and your confidence. Look at yourself it the mirror and tell yourself that you love you every day. When you vibrate with an energy of peace and love, people can’t help but naturally adore you.

Once that is complete, you are ready to set your intentions of love.

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The love spell essentially about beauty, energy, and intentions set to get what you need.

Here’s what you need to get started.


Put cinnamon on your lips or tongue first to speak sweetly.


Water is the element of love, so run a warm bath. Then you pull the following elements into a cheese cloth and wrap in a red bow, while placing it in the bath.


Lavender because it is a relaxing herb.

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels.com


Peppermint because it is a cleansing herb that’s exhilarating.


Honey because it makes it sweet.


Ginger because it is for some zest and also delightfully good for the skin.


Light a red or pink candle to represent love and desire.


Run the bath and get all of your ingredients together, then soak it in.

How does it feel? Have you tried a love spell before? Did it work for you?

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