Authenticity, purpose, and generosity are all great attributes of good character that create tight and healthy communities in the family and work life balance.

This statement lends to BOTH males and females in the family unit and beyond. 

The harsh reality is that women have carried the weight of managing it all.  Raising a family, taking care of the kids, and a orchestrating a career can be overwhelming (especially without the help of a negligent partner). Over the last 40 years alone so, the stigma of women in the workplace still lives on within those that continue to retain that simple belief –  women do not belong in the workplace.

Sadly, according to the Editor-in-Chief of LinkedIn, Daniel Roth, the pandemic has had a most devastating impact on women.  According to the National Women’s Law Center, women’s workforce participation has dropped to 57%, the lowest level since 1988.

To top it off, even those women that ARE working currently are now are speaking out and claiming abuse in the workplace. There are active lawsuits being pursued against Activision Blizzard more recently, for example. There are reports of men calling female direct reports ‘hot’ and making unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances. Isn’t work a place where we should all feel respected and safe?

It’s no surprise that this type of bullying and cowardice continues to happen within the workplace, because it is rewarded at the managerial level. To make matters worse, the legality involved that mainly benefits the company itself.  The track record of illegal behavior brought about with similar China based investment tech companies like Alibaba and Tencent also rings true too, but isn’t this America?

We are the land of the free and the home of the brave, right? Why is this type of harrassment still legally rewarded? 

We dig deep and talk to those in the workplace. We come to find that the HR managers protect the company even if this hostile behavior is actively occurring in the office. Whether it be due to placating their own discriminatory behaviors or beliefs, or due to the fact that they do not want to ruffle feathers or lose their job, the HR departments and company alike are ineffectively protecting their people.

So what is the solution to the microaggressions and microaggressions of harrassment that continue to plague the corporate nation?

It starts with respecting boundaries at the personal level, which can be tough for all sexes and identities. Then it ends with accountability from the top level dow.

From dirty politics played by C grade level talent or bosses that become insecure with their direct reports success, chopping competent and talented women seems like a daily occurence. It is a negligible social issue that continues to arise making the work environment intolerable.  A grade level talent should not have to play C grade level politics to remain working, and employeed shouldn’t feel belittled or undermined by any means. So what’s the solution here?

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