My dad is a funny guy. The proud father of 6 kids, he always has had a great sense of humor to get him through the ups and downs of raising kids.

Me being a mom now really has opened my eyes to the synchronities and moments that make a childhood great.

My dad has always had a casual sense of sarcastic humor that has brought me and my siblings a great sense of comic relief, especially when life got hard.

Growing pains are real for both parents and their children, and having a good sense of humor through it all makes it all worth the trip.

Here are 5 hilarious dad moments that I remember very vividly growing up!

1. My dad drank breast milk on accident, then proceeded to use it in his coffee when we were all out of milk. Although it’s very 1950s, we did have a milk man that happened to miss his delivery that day which spurred the mass confusion.

2. My dad bent over to pick up something he dropped on the floor and ripped the back butt seam of his pants. This happened at least 3 times growing up, and the joke went on for weeks and weeks.

3. My dad fell down the stairs in his underwear while trying to kick out a neighbor kid. I mean this was so funny as my mom called my dad down to try and kick a neighbor kid out of the house, and legit rolled down our stairs like a bowling ball. We kids almost all died of laughter.

4. My mom was in labor with one of my siblings at the hospital and my dad stopped off at the deli to get a breakfast sandwich. I guess he thought he’d be more excited with a full belly.

5. My dad gave me a sip of his beer when I was younger, and I said EW gross! He replied, good that means you’ll never drink it again.

What are some funny dad moments you have had from your childhood that still make you laugh today?

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