I am on a family vacation with my husband and kids in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this week. It is so exciting. We have been swimming in infinity pools, basking in the sun, walking down the beach, sipping margaritas and pina coladas, and enjoying life.

All of a sudden after some margaritas with lime and being in the sun all day, my lower lip swelled up.

I was surfing the web and found out that it could be anything from melon and lime exposure, to excessive sun exposure, or even a seafood allergy as I had some delicious shrimp last night for dinner.

I got some ice from the vending machine this morning and it seems to be less swollen but definitely still noticable.

Here’s the view from my room.

I was asking around for some natural remedies to help reduce the lip swelling as I relax and enjoy my room.

Here are 17 natural lip swelling remedies to help a swollen lip.

1. Ice. Luckily the hotel here has ice from the vending machines that I have been able to put on my lip to reduce the swelling. I heard that you shouldn’t ice it for more than 10 minutes at a time, so I am placing it on my lips every 5 minutes or so.

2. Baking Soda. It seems baking soda is another natural remedy to help a swollen lip. Take a half teaspoon of baking soda and put 10 drops of purified water in it. Place on the swollen lip until it dries, then gently remove it with a wet napkin or tissue.

3. Black Tea. Black tea seems to have a soothing effect on swollen lips. You can simply place a black tea bag in steeping hot water and let cool until it is warm like your body temperature. Place the warm tea bag on your lips for 10 minutes at a time. This should lower the inflammation as you recover.

4. Honey. Honey has natural antihistamines that helps to heal cuts and wounds, while protecting the skin with natural antibacterial properties as well. Let the honey sit on the lip for twenty minutes at a time and repeat for maximum anti swelling.

5. Salt. Take a few pinches of salt and a little warm water to dilute it. Dip a cotton ball in it and lightly tap the lip. Let dry and repeat a few times during the day to help it heal back to normal.

6. Vitamin C. If you have an apple or some sugar free orange juice, take a sip!  The vitamin C will help build your body’s natural defenses to help the swelling go down. You can take vitamin C in pill form as well to help it too.

7. Garlic. If you have access to some garlic, you can slice it and place on the lips for a few seconds by lightly dabbing it. Garlic has natural anti inflammatory properties to reduce swelling.

8. Turmeric. Take ground turmeric and a few drops of purified water to make a light paste. Take it and put on your lips. Let dry and lightly wipe with a soft wet tissue. You should see a difference in swelling almost immediately.

9. Aloe Vera. Aloe vera in it’s pure form can lessen swelling and heal wounds on your lips. Place some on your lips and let heal accordingly.

10. Vaseline. Vaseline is a healing emollient to help heal wounds on swollen lips heal.

11. Hydrogen Peroxide. Dab a little cotton swabs with hydrogen peroxide and purified water mix. This will clean it and also help it heal more quickly.

12. Avoid sun exposure. Over sun exposure can dry out the lips and make them swell more. It is best to stay indoors while healing a swollen lip to prevent it from getting worse.

13. Avoid food allergies that stem from foods like seafood, shellfish, dairy and nuts. These are all common foods that can cause an allergic reaction as you body processes it. Stay away from these foods while healing.

14. Tea Tree Oil. Lightly dab some tea tree oil on a cotton swap and apply to affected area. The antimicrobial properties will help reduce swelling.

15. Warm Compress. Take a soft washcloth and run under hot water, be safe as to not burn yourself. Wring out access liquid and let cool to a light warm temperature. Place lightly on lips for 10 minutes to help heal and lessen the swelling.

16. Witch Hazel. Mix equal parts witch hazel and purified water an dab on lips to heal them and reduce swelling. This can be done twice a day to reduce swelling in lips.

17. Vitamin E Oil. Crack open a little liquid vitamin E oil capsule and soak it into your lips by applying and letting it heal. You can reapply as the day rolls out.

I am trying out some of these solutions today and will let you know how it goes. If all else fails, I may end up taking a little Benadryl to lighten the swelling more quickly.

Have you had a swollen lip before too? If so, what worked to help lessen the swelling?

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