Grateful for my 40th birthday today! I have to say with so many of my friends passing away over the last 10 years I was scared I may not make it. Looks like the universe has more work for me to do!

I am really grateful for my immediate family and am really blessed to always have their unconditional support. The friends that have stayed with me on my journey are the friends I am meant to have in my life, and I am grateful for that too.

I am grateful for the vacation we are on today. We got through a very tough year with homeschooling and working from home. Many other parents can relate as well. There is a bit of PTSD from this hard year and I am patiently healing and looking to get back into a new groove as offices open up.

Many people think they have to go back to the way it was in the in office setting, but the reality is there is no need to put that pressure on ourselves. Things will always be different and we have to process those feelings of abandonment and loneliness as a new group. You are new and we are all new and different from where we were before. And that’s okay.

I am grateful for the little things like the waves in the ocean, the sunrise and sunset, cold drinking water, the palm trees swaying in the wind, the bikers on the road while driving, my ability to drive my car, and all the simple stuff that makes me smile.

I am grateful for my health. I have had to make changes to my diet to feel better, like switching off of dairy and onto almond milk. I try to eat less carbs and eat more fruits and veggies.

I have made a vow to take it easy and keep it simple.

Taking it slow today and appreciating all the gifts I have been given by God and looking forward to the next decade!

Thanks for sticking around, my lovely readers!

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